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1. Dialog and large selectOneMenu problems in IE8

Hi Forum, Has anybody experienced issues with a selectOneMenu that has a large amount of items from within a dialog? When I attempt to open the selectOneMenu dropdown, the script will ...

2. p:selectOneMenu display incorrectly in p:dialog

14 Apr 2011, 12:43 by anatolse p:selectOneMenu display incorrectly in p:dialog I have a problem with inside . This is the code: Code:

3. SelectOneMenu Problem

List items = new ArrayList(); items.add(new SelectItem(null, " ")); // <-- HERE is the problem for (Enum e : type.getEnumConstants()) { items.add(new SelectItem(e,; }

4. selectOneMenu on IE7

The following only seems to occur on IE7 (of course, our company standard) with . I am using the latest showcase in tomcat 6.0.32. This does not appear to happen in ...