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1. JSF: SelectOneRadio shortcuts for options

I have the following h:selectOneRadio:

<h:selectOneRadio id="#{prefix}_rating" value="#{examinationPanel.tempResult}" >
<f:selectItems value="#{examinationPanel.options}"></f:selectItems>
And then the backing bean is loading the options based on some userpreferences:
public List<SelectItem> loadOptions (Set<ResultEnum> possibleResults){
    List<SelectItem> options = ...

2. Primefaces Wizard and selectOneRadio

I have a problem with using primeface's wizard component and the core selectOneRadio. My signup page looks like this

<ui:define name="content">

3. can't use p:selectOneRadio tag

how can i use this tag :

i have a message error :
the comonent library doen't contain such comonent.
i already imported the primefaces jar and ...

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7. Converter for p:selectOneRadio

8. layout of selectOneRadio in a column of dataTable

Options ...

9. selectOneRadio unselectable issue

10. Bug in SelectOneRadio


......... Option 1

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13. Layout options for p:selectOneRadio

I have a number of selectOneRadio elements that perform a selection for an enum. The style of radio buttons seems nicer for the user than the equivalent menu or list box. ...

14. p:selectOneRadio width - How to apply CSS

As in the below screenshot, p:selectOneRadio is not aligned properly when the parent element has a width like 100%. There is a huge hap between the radio button and the corresponding ...

15. [PF 3.0M4] SelectOneRadio


16. How to implement a SelectOneRadio with inputtext in option

Hi, I want get this : but if I put a inputtext in selectOneRadio like this :

17. Required not working with SelectOneRadio in 3.0.M4

28 Nov 2011, 11:45 by rubus Required not working with SelectOneRadio in 3.0.M4 Hi, I have a where the user needs to select one of the proposed values defined by ...

19. Customize the look of options under p:selectOneRadio

06 Dec 2011, 11:14 by ertiop93 Customize the look of options under p:selectOneRadio I want to customize the look of p:selectOneRadio so that the a certain group of options listed under ...

20. event="click" breaks p:ajax for p:selectOneRadio (3.0.RC2)

Please refer to my post in another discussion. Please read my response instead of the title of the topic. Feel free to read the rest of the discussion to see how ...

21. Clear selectOneRadio validation message when ajax submit

Hello, using Openfaces-3.x-nightly, Primefaces 3.0.M4, jsf 2.0.3 and Tomcat 6.0. I've got this form where validation works perfect on selectOneRadio with non-ajax submit as you can see (I have to validate ...

22. Problems with p:ajax used with h:selectOneRadio

10 Jun 2010, 05:23 by burferd Problems with p:ajax used with h:selectOneRadio Using JSF2, facelets, PrimeFaces2.0.2, Glassfish2, NetBeans6.9 I have a page with a composite component containing an h:selectOneListBox that looks ...

23. Problem using p:ajax with h:selectOneRadio

>> << burferd Posts: 214 Joined: 01 May 2010, 16:15 06 Sep 2010, 00:21 by burferd Problem using p:ajax with h:selectOneRadio Using PrimeFaces 2.1, JSF2, NetBeans 6.9.1, Glassfish 3. I have ...

24. Problem using h:selectOneRadio with Ajax update

Hi there, Having this problem using h:selectOneRadio and trigger an Ajax update in a wizzard... but h:selectOneMenu is working like a charm! Here's my code: Code: ...

25. p:ajax doesn't work with h:selectOneRadio


26. "p:ajax" does not work with "h:selectOneRadio"

27. Enable/disable p:calendar with h:selectOneRadio

01 Feb 2011, 21:08 by cezarlamann Enable/disable p:calendar with h:selectOneRadio Hi all! I've not found anything like my case here, then I would ask if is there a way to enable/disable ...

28. selectOneRadio in labs showcase

29. Primefaces3.0 SelectOneRadio is a misleading interface

The small circle inside the unselected "radio" is really misleading. Small circle must not be inside the unselected "radio". (because it gives a sense that it has already been selected)

30. 2.2.1 p:ajax does not work on h:selectOneRadio

31. Placing controls inside SelectOneRadio block

Hello Everyone, I am rewriting one web app into JSF 2.0 (PF/Mojarra) and it is not very clear to me how to convert that Input data area with SelectOneRadio block ...

32. Adding p:ajax to h:selectOneRadio does not work.

26 Mar 2011, 21:12 by burferd Adding p:ajax to h:selectOneRadio does not work. Using PF 2.2.1, Glassfish 3.0.1. I am trying to get partial processing to work with h:selectOneRadio, but I ...