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1. how to set skin for primefaces 1.1

could you please explain how to set the skin for primefaces 1.1 ..

2. How to convert PrimeFaces p:dataTable to standard h:dataTable (without skin) and then print it

I want to print a <p:dataTable>, so I use <p:printer>, but I want to skip printing the skin and make it look like a <h:dataTable>. How can I do this? Also, is ...

3. Skin not available in portlet environment?

30 Aug 2011, 08:58 by gressho Skin not available in portlet environment? Hello, I'm testing Primefaces with GateIn 3.2 (milestone 1) running on JBoss 6. I've updated the JSF libraries to ...

4. How to skin p:panel with rounded corners?

I want to make p:panel to be with the rounded corners. What is the best way to achieve that? In Trinidad there was the styles for the panel corners where you ...

6. Changing skin in 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

I noticed that in current 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT main skin has been changed from "yui sam" to "redmond". And all design of my webapp was crashed . Are you planning back to "sam"? ...

7. Primefaces's skin in a

8. RichFaces BlueSky Skin as a PrimeFaces Theme

JBoss Seam 2.2.0 GA Web Framework Mojarra 1.2_15-SNAPSHOT JSF Implementation PrimeFaces 1.0.2 Final RichFaces 3.3.3 Final JBoss AS 4.2.2 GA

9. Skin single p:panel

#loanTermsPanel .ui-panel .ui-panel-content{ padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; }

10. Datatable navigation buttons: skin.css not complete

Icons in the navigation buttons (look at the component showcase) in the datatables are not properly positioned. Actually the icon bellow the intended icon is also shown partially.(all the icons come ...

11. How to skin fileUpload

Hi all, I have a problem related to file Upload, in the sense that I'm not able to skin the browse button. I discovered how to skin the flash panel, and ...

12. Making the PrimeFaces skin spread to standard HTML controls

Got a RichFaces there's a setting that would allow the skin to spread to the standard HTML controls under web.xml...

17. is it possible create button to change skin ?

I saw a showcase about ThemeSwitcher, the tag "" shows a selection with skin types, but I need to create specific buttons for each skin, is it possible ?

18. How to skin layoutUnit

.yui-skin-sam yui-layout-bd yui-layout-bd-nohd yui-layout-bd-noft { background-color: #000000; border:0px solid #ffffff; }

19. is deprecated, use primefaces.THEME instead.

I am Using primefaces layout. when i navigate through the layout, some of the functionality are not working properly. It throws a following error is deprecated, use primefaces.THEME instead. but ...

20. Theme now delivery as .jar. How do I change component skin

Before, when I want to change how the component skin look, I write css inside skin.css. But now theme is delivered as .jar file. How can I change component skin