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I downloaded and added primefaces-3.0.M1.jar file to my project.
Then, I added this code to my JSP page:

<%@ taglib uri="http://primefaces.prime.com.tr/ui" prefix="p" %>
But it gives the error:
Can not find the tag ...

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I tried to implement PrimeFaces to my project. I download primefaces-3.0.M2.jar and added to build path then I added this taglib to my code:

<%@ taglib uri="http://primefaces.prime.com.tr/ui" prefix="p"%> 
I got this error:
Can ...

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I upgraded to a PrimeFaces 3.0-M3-SNAPSHOT this week and I've started getting a weird warning message in Eclipse when I'm editing a Facelet page. In the element where I declare ...

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I begin in PrimeFaces and I want to use dataExporter functionnality but the taglib dataExporter is not present in primefaces-ui-0.8.3.jar. So where can I find it? Thanks.

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22 Jun 2010, 01:05 by servlet primefaces-p.taglib.xml missing attribute declaration Its possible to include in the next release of Primefaces attribute declaration in primefaces-p.taglib.xml and primefaces-i.taglib.xml? For example, take a look ...

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31 Oct 2010, 04:55 by Alan Workaround for Netbeans Taglib Not Found problem I ran into this upgrading from the 2.2M1 to the 2.2.RC1-SNAPSHOT. This is a Netbeans thing not really ...

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I see that some folks have issues with NetBeans and the taglib. All good here in Eclipse land. Let me know if you want help converting. Come in from the cold! ...

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Resource Servlet org.primefaces.resource.ResourceServlet Resource Servlet /primefaces_resource/*