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1. How to Prepopulate in JSF?

In My application I am pre-populating some data from the Server. When I assign the data for the <rich:Calendar> I am not able to see the date in the UI. I ...

2. How to set up weekends in richfaces calendar?

I want to change next example: to have ability to set up weekends and hollydays. And I have q few questions: 1) why I could use data.shortDescription/data.description in the next code:


3. Is there a mechanism to change the default value for rich:calendar's "enableManualInput" attribute?

Currently the following code must be written for each date field using JBoss richfaces:

<rich:calendar value="#{dtl.rcvDt}" enableManualInput="true"/>
Is there a mechanism to set all instances of rich:calendar so that enableManualInput default's to true? ...

4. JSF Rich Calendar

I am trying to enable the time field in the calendar component (as shown in the attached snapshot). I have set the date pattern value as below, but it doesn't ...

5. RichFaces calendar configuration - display icon only(without input field)

How can I show icon only for rich:calendar component? I needn't any input,just icon. Will be great if it's standard attribute,instead of CSS configuring.

6.  Locale.US (translate to czech)

is there any way to translate rich calendar to language which is not supported by Locale.XX ?? Thanks for help UPDATE: part of my calendar bean

public class CalendarBean implements Serializable
{    ...

7.  doesn't accept java.util.Calendar

I'm trying to use rich:calendar and it works when date properties selectedDate and currentDate are Date type. When I use Calendar, it doesn't work. When I submit a form, it reports: ...

8. Get current time by default from rich:calendar in Richfaces 3.3.X?

When I use the rich:calendar object with time, it automatically defaults the time to noon on all selected dates. Here is the relevant code:


9. rich:calendar and "The class 'java.lang.String' does not have the property ..." error

I have the following situation: Interface

public interface Ranged{
public Object getRangeStart();
public Object getRangeEnd();

public void setRangeStart(Object rangeStart);
public void setRangeEnd(Object rangeEnd);

public void setRange(boolean isRange);
public boolean getRange();}
implementing class:
public class CreationDateRange implements Ranged, Serializable{
private static final long ...

10. JSF with RichFaces Calendar

11. Rich Faces Calendar

12. richfaces 3.2.1 calendar issue

14. rich faces Calendar requirement

15. Calendar application using RichFaces

Howdy ranchers I want to embed a ready-to-use Calendar application (UI and functionality similar to Google Calendar) created using RichFaces I dont want to use the GoogleCalendar client API. This would make my application dependent on Google service and would need to have Google ids. Instead i want a complete calendar solution with good UI. Am not a expert search person... ...

16. Problem with RichFaces Calendar control

Hi, I am using Seam 2.0.1GA , RichFaces 3.2.0GA, JSF 1.2 and Facelets 1.1.14 on Wepsphere 6.1. I am trying to get the richfaces calendar control on one of my JSF pages. Unfortunately i am not able to get there. I do see it on UI, but while loading the page, it throws a JS error : 'Calendar' is undefined. Also ...

17. RichFaces Calendar Control

Hi, I'm trying to use the richfaces calendar control as follows I am having trouble with the datePattern, I would like to be able display the date time as follows 13/11/09 17:10:15. The "d/M/yy HH:mm" part works as expected - however when I add in the second component the control does not work as ...

18. Richfaces calendar help

19. Richfaces Calendar problem

21. rich:calendar bug

We're using (stuck on) JSF 1.2 and RichFaces 3.3.1. In a number of places, we use the rich:calendar control, like this: That is, we are formatting a date like "23 Mar 2011", but also allowing the users to manually enter their own dates if they can keep to the correct format. ...

22. Problems with rich:calendar

I have problems with using the calendar tag from richfaces framework. On my page I have two calendars to select date range (to and from). However they don't seem to work properly. I have the following problems: 1. When I click on the 'pop-up' icon the calender shows and when I pick the date it closes. However when I try to ...