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1. Server-side DataTable Sorting in RichFaces

I have a data table with a variable number of columns and a data scroller. How can I enable server side sorting? I prefer that it be fired by the user ...

2. Lazy data loading with rich:dataTable and rich:dataTableScroller

I am using rich:dataTable with rich:dataTableScroller. And I don't want load all my data from DB when initialize table, because I have very many records. I want that that rich:dataTableScroller show ...

3. Extend Richfaces components - for example customize Datatable component for specific implementation

How to extend the functionality of Richfaces components for example Data table with custom header and sorting techniques. i have seen extended data table but did not get much information from ...

4. How to sort datatable using richfaces

I am trying to sort datatable using richfaces. cab anyone help me out in this.

5. can't edit my h:datatable

        <rich:dataTable  value="#{my.lreqs}"  var="req"
            id="reqs" width="630px"  >

6. Richfaces, sortable datatable, sort icons

is there a way to change the sort icons of the datatable? I know, it is possible to set the tag attribute sortIcon for the rich:column but this only replaces the icon ...

7. How to implement verticall scrolling on mouse over in a in jsf+richfaces?

Can any one help in achiving this requirement. Is there any attribute in rich:datatable has this ?

8. rich:dndParam with h:dataTable

Hi I am trying to implement drop feature of a4j with JSF Datatable. I have a datatable and I want to drop components into that data table. How do i do ...

9. JSF - ValueChangeListener in Datatable

How to implement correctly a ValueChangeListener with UIInput Component within a Datatable, then i getting in a listener method get the row index has changed, new value and old Value


10. Trouble binding a rich:dataTable

I'm having some problems with defining a binding bean for my rich:dataTable. The contents of the datatable are already defined in the XHTML, I just want to use the binding to read ...

11. Richfaces 4 datatable rowclick is not hitting the listener method

I am migrating an application from richfaces 3 to 4. And I am stuck at the datatable. The rowclick sends request to server and renders response, but not invoking the listener method. ...

12. richfaces datatable row configuration

I am using rich faces data table tag in my jsf:

<r:dataTable id="dataTable" var="user" preserveDataModel="false"

                value="#{ListUsersManagedBean.users}" rows="10"

13. JSF - scrolling datatable

I've used this BalusCs guide to view and paging datatables. It's very nice and useful guide (where would I be without it?), but I have one more question (maybe ...

14. How to sort rows in datatable in RichFaces?

I tried this

<rich:dataTable value="#{myBean.cities}" var="c">

<f:facet name="header">
 <h:outputText value="City"></h:outputText>
<h:outputText value="#{}"/>

<rich:column sortBy="#{c.population}">
<f:facet name="header">
 <h:outputText value="Population"></h:outputText>
<h:outputText value="#{c.population}"/>

but rows aren't sorted. cities is List<City>, City.population is int

15. RICH:dataTable - refresh page after delete row

I have rich datatable with delete button: enter image description here When I delete the row, row is really deleted in database, but still remains in dataTable. It dissapear after ...

16. RICH:dataTable - add new row

how can I add new row to extendedDataTable at the end of the list? Is there some solution? JSF table example: enter image description here Can you help me? UPDATE: I'm able ...

17. Export to Excel (Java List, HtmlDataTable, rich:dataTable)

is there some simple way how to export Java List (or rich:dataTable or htmlDataTable, based on dataList) to formatted excel table? datalist example:

private List<BDE> dataList;
session = DaoSF.getSessionFactory('R').openSession();   
Criteria criteria ...

18. Richfaces CollapsiblePanel, nested DataTables and CommandButtons

I'm working with two Datatables. The nested one is surrounded by a rich:collapsiblePanel with switchType="ajax". If this panel is expended the DataTable is displayed correctly but CommandButtons inside this nested DataTable ...

19. How to bind to backing bean?

Is there any way to bind rich:dataTable to the bean? I can show the items in non binding rich:dataTable, but when I add binding attribute, whole dataTable dissappear. Part of ...

20. How to set Richfaces datascoller Max Page Size?

We are developing web based java application. Richfaces used as library.And we have datatable with datascroller. For now I can send current datascroller index to the backed bean.But the problem is ...

21. Rich:dataTable sort dont update managed

In my application, I have a list of records. The user can select any record, updating a menu of options. The table shows that these records, it has paging. So the problem ...

22. Fixing width of rich:dataTable

Im developping a web application using JSf 2 and RichFaces 4. I use rich:dataTable to display data but I want to fix the width regardless of content. Thanks.

23. change background color of a row in rich:dataTable

i have a row in rich:datatable, which has a link in one of its column. Onclick of this click i need to change the background color of the selected row. how ...

24. Richfaces Datatable Selection

Can someone hint me on how to utilize selection functionality of extendeddatatable in rich:datatable ? My requirement is each row contains more than 15 columns and all are editable and should ...

25. Update JSF datatable without refreshing the page

I have input fields and datatable in the same page, in such a way that when user adds a new data, data should be added to the datatable without refreshing the ...

26. rich:inplaceSelect in selectable datatable - select row first then process input possible?

I've got a rich:inplaceSelect in an extendedDataTable selectionMode="single". If I have row A selected, and I click on the inplaceSelect of row B, the select list is rendered (the popup list) but then ...

27. Passing value to java bean to determine styleclass for a richfaces datatable

I am defining a rich:column:

<rich:column styleClass="#{dWRFD1Handler.ltZero ? 'color red style class' : 
'color green style class' } >  <h:outputText value="myBean.value">  ... </rich:column>
how can I pass the value in each ...

28. rich:dataTable change sorting order on first click

I have the following rich:dataTable, with many Boolean values in a list, and firs time anyone wanna sort the list with pressing on the header arrows it always ends up with ...

29. how to add, delete rows in dataTable of richfaces

I am new to the jsf. and trying to create application in jsf. i want to add simple functionality but it is not showing , i want to add update , ...

30. Problems with rich:dataTable

32. Rich:Datatable rerendering problem

33. Ideas, @DataModel +

Hi fellas, I need an idea about how to render the rich:dataTable component with two, I'm makin' use of a @DataModel in 2 rich:dataTables. The first one should be rendered only if the objects in that List have the attribute 'status' equal to 'A' and the second if that attribute's equal to 'I' for example. and of course, for both ...

34. selection from a rich dataTable

36. value in rich:dataTable facet?

37. display multiple rich:dataTables

40. Richfaces DataTable Problem

41. Select All option in rich:datatable

i have a richfaces datatable, where in i will be displaying values in multiple pages with 15 rows per page. i need to include a 'select all' option as the first column in the table. when the user selects the 'select all' option, all the checkboxes in that particular page should be selected. But the way i have implemented, i am ...