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1. Before the lablel for each of the menu item, there is space with the some color, i want to remove the color

I am using richfaces dropDownMenu component which contains a set of rich menuItems. When the menu items are displayed, a extra space is displayed before the lablel for each of the ...

2. Aligning Menu Group to Menu Item

I'm using Seam and Richfaces to make a menu bar. The code is like this:

<rich:dropDownMenu showDelay="250" hideDelay="0" submitMode="none">
        <f:facet name="label">Tools</f:facet>


3. RichFaces Skinning: menu issues

4. Error: Dynamic Menu + Richfaces + A4j

Hi, Im having problems when i try to create a dynamic menu, getting the params from the data base. Menu.xhtml public class IndexBackingBean { private String viewId = "principal.xhtml"; private HtmlToolBar menu = new HtmlToolBar(); public IndexBackingBean() throws SQLException { } public HtmlToolBar ...