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1. JSF: attach rich:toggleControl to radio buttons or select items

Has anyone had any success attaching a rich:toggleControl component to a radio button component (h:selectOneRadio) or alternatively any of its children select items (in this case s:enumItem). Basic code example:

<h:selectOneRadio value="#{backingValue}">

2. How to read the value of the radio button

I would like to read the selected role information on form submit (a role is selected for a user from a list of roles). How do I read the selected radio ...

3. Unable to select a particular radio button choice by clicking on the choice text

                <s:decorate template="/layout/display-text.xhtml">

4. How to get radio button group functionality for each row in a table using jsf

How to get layout like the following using h:selectOneRadio encapsulated within a rich:dataTable

row1   col1   col2   col3

row2   radio1 radio1 radio1

row3   radio2 radio2 ...

5. Single radio button group for all rows in the rich:dataTable

I have a rich:dataTable listing data rows with a radio button for each row, but these radio buttons should belong to a single radio button group so only one row can be selected from these radio buttons. However, when I use the following code, the radio button for each row belongs to its own radio button group, please help figure out ...