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1. Link to external URL using richfaces    stackoverflow.com

I am currently displaying a ticket number like so.

<h:outputText value="#{ticket.ticketNumber}" />
Instead of this I want a hyper-link to a URL. The address will look similar to this: http://testserver.com/viewer.jsp?ticket=#{ticket.ticketNumber} So, the ...

2. How to rewrite the URL    stackoverflow.com

I have a small application built using Seam 2.2, Richfaces 3.3, JBoss 5.1. Most of the page navigation adds the request parameters to the target URL. I would like to ...

3. How do I get the script page I am running from the Browser URL    stackoverflow.com

Is there anyway in JSF to get the URL, the scriptname, from the address bar that refers to the page I am on? What would that way be?