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1. Problems validating rich:calendar

I am trying to validate a rich:calendar for not null input using <rich:beanValidator />, but i am not able to validate for null inputs. For example in my constraits.xml file, i validate ...

2. jsf multiple validators

i need to know how to use m multiple validators for multiple fields like name and email id,and age and phone numbers. i have a clue that in ajax i can ...

3. Ajax Validation on JSF

I want to validate required fields on diferent forms when i push on save (Toolbar.xhtml). How can i do this? Thanks in advance I have the following code: Father.xhtml

<ui:include src="/jsf/Toolbar.xhtml"/>
<ui:include src="/jsf/Adquisicion.xhtml"/>
<ui:composition xmlns=""

4. Client-side validation in richfaces 3.3.x

Is there any way of building client-side validation for Richfaces 3.3.x? I know that 4.0 version is going to support it but still I need to have it implemented along wiht 3.3.x ...

5. Validate richfaces:dataTable against no data

I would like to validate my richfaces:datatable component against empty. In other words I have <rich:dataTable value="#{bean.list}" ...> and list must have at least one element. Is there some good sollution for ...

6. Any way to bypass validations and still update bean values?

I use Richfaces. I am facing a situation where I have a form and 2 buttons. On click of one of the buttons, say button1, I need the validations. On click ...

7.  loses datePattern after validation

I have a <rich:calendar> like this:

<rich:calendar enableManualInput="true" value="#{}" datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy">
When I enter a date like 39/19/9999, then the <rich:calendar> shows a message:
Invalid Date
Till here it's ok. The problem starts when ...

8. Richfaces 4.0 graphValidator doesnt work

Im trying to use richfaces 4.0 graphValidator to check password and confirmation with graphValidator but it wont work, but validation check for length is just worked fine. Somebody can tell me ...

9. JSF Generic Validator

I want to write a generic validator for checking name of a entity is exist or not.Currently i am doing this ,writing a new validator class for every ...

10. JSF 2.1 conditional field validation

I have the following JSF 2.1 page

<h:selectOneRadio value="#{userBean.newUser}">
    <f:selectItem itemValue="0" itemLabel="new User" />
    <f:selectItem itemValue="1" itemLabel="existing User" />
<br />
<h:inputText value="#{userBean.customerId}" id="customerId" />
<h:message for="customerid" ...

11. validation of multiple fields in jsf 1.x

i need to validate multiple fields in the form, individual field validations are working fine. i wanted to know if all the fields are empty is there any way with jsf ...

12. Losing validation with

i have this form:

 <h:form id="form">
    <h:panelGrid columns="3" >

        <h:outputLabel for="name"   value="Name:" />

13. How to apply the values before validation?

I'm with another problem here... Well, i have list and iterate it to be filled... Till here its ok... i fill the fields with right values and everything works well... But i have ...

14. JSF 1.2 & RichFaces - Open new pdf window based on required field validation errors

I have a CustomerInfo form with UI fields required=true and few command buttons. When clicking one of the command buttons I am calling backing bean method to create a pdf and ...

15. Selected file disappears after validation of other fields

I am using a <rich:tabpanel> with 3 tabs. In the 2nd tab I have 3 <rich:fileUpload> components. All the 3 fields are mandatory. Hence I perform validation in the backing bean ...

16. Validating a group of elements in RichFaces 3.3.x / JSF

I have a requirement where I have three <rich:listShuttle> elements from which at least one item must be selected between the three items, i.e. two <rich:listShuttle> elements could be empty as ...

17. Bean Validation, @Pattern, and CSV

If you have a backing bean, annotated with @Pattern(regexp = "[a-z].*"), then the validation on the server and client disagree. The server side seems to assume the "begins with" character ...

18. richfaces validation exception

19. Problems validating rich:calendar

22. implicit validation for rich:calender

23.  doesn't work

Dear All, i am using (RichFaces 4 with JSF 2) kindly i am trying to use in my application as follow: my page work fine without but when i add it i got a blank page and got the following exception: note:"i had added the guava-r09 in my lib folder", and my ...