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1. Is there a problem with a4j:commandButtons that get 'reRendered'?    stackoverflow.com

The code below has been simplified to the simplest possible thing that is failing. Basically when someone requests to confirm an action, I am forcing them to login, then allowing them ...

2. JSF A4j support    stackoverflow.com

I'm having trouble with a JSF selectManyCheckbox and A4J support. The purpose is to run some action when a checkbox is selected. This works perfectly in Firefox. Yet, when testing in ...

4. Rich faces and dataTable    stackoverflow.com

I have the question regarding rich faces and beans. I have a jsp page that is using richfaces and inside it I have the: rich:extendedDatatable component, that takes data from my MainBean ...

5. How to add marker to rich:gmap component?    stackoverflow.com

I can see that I cannot specify the gmap marker in atribute.. I suppose that I need to use a4j function inside this tag. The problem is that I am ...

6. Skipping a nested     stackoverflow.com

I have a JSF file with a rather large form, the form consists of 3 parts: user data (a set od calendars and data inputs), user items (a data table and ...

7. How to create draggable component with RichFaces?    stackoverflow.com

I try to make draggable components and to do this I am based on this example: http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/dragSupport.jsf and i started with this example but the component does not give any ...

8. Why isn't ignoreDupResponse set to true by default in A4J    stackoverflow.com

It seems to me that the most of the time you'd want to have ignoreDupResponse set to true on your a4j:support, a4j:commandLink, a4j:commandButton, etc. components. In which scenario it can be ...

9. Sending parameter to a Controller    stackoverflow.com

I got this:

<a4j:commandLink action="#{searchBean.someMethod}" reRender="search"><span><h:graphicImage value="/home/img/icons/red.gif" width="12" height="12" /> Street</span></a4j:commandLink>
And on my Bean, I got a method:
public void someMethod(String string){
Is it possible to send a String as parameter to ...

10. a4j:support integration jsf2    stackoverflow.com

just trying to integrate this commandLink

<a4j:commandLink reRender="results-view" actionListener="#{myaction}" oncomplete="return false;" value="#{msg1.advanced_search}">

11. Length of h:outputLabel changes after RichFaces AJAX call    stackoverflow.com

I have been trying to incorporate RichFaces into one of our more complicated pages to make it run a bit more smoothly via AJAX. Everything is working fine and it has ...

12. Cannot use autorefresh(a4j:poll) in Richfaces 4    stackoverflow.com

I would like to implement the a4j:poll for auto-refresh my result. I implement the source code following below but the code is not fine. ================================================================================

    <a4j:poll id="poll" ...

13. Passing selected item to ajax function    stackoverflow.com

<a4j:jsFunction name="addTag" action="#{serverBean.irrelevantMethod(_tagId)}">
   <a4j:param name="param1" assignTo="#{_tagId}"/>

<rich:autocomplete autocompleteList="#{tags}" mode="ajax" var="_tag" 
                   fetchValue="#{_tag.id}" ...

14. JSF. How to set a value of JavaScript function to a field of Bean?    stackoverflow.com

Good morning! How to set a value of JavaScript function to a field of Enterprice Java Bean?
I have the js function:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function getTimezone() {

15. Is there any difference between f:ajax and a4j:ajax?    stackoverflow.com

Is there any significant difference between f:ajax and a4j:ajax tags? I know about a4j:ajax from Richfaces 4 is based on native f:ajax JSF2 tag adding some attributes not found in f:ajax ...

16. how to get content from different servers using richfaces/jsf?    stackoverflow.com

To speed up our website (that contains MANY images), we would like to deliver content from different subdomains, e.g. server1.example.com server2.example.com server3.example.com server4.example.com server5.example.com server6.example.com these will all point to the same IP, but will get around the ...

17. Richfaces 4.0, a4j:status, JSf 2.0    stackoverflow.com

I am having trouble displaying the status for a selectonemenu component. I have the following components in my page:

    <h:selectOneMenu id="hsom"        ...

18. a4j:page not implemented in Richfaces 4    stackoverflow.com

I have the following component in my code:

<a4j:region rendered="#{myBean.declining}">
    <a4j:page onload="Richfaces.showModalPanel('declinePanel',{width:450, height: 550, top:200});" />

I'm upgrading to Richfaces 4 and the a4j:page component is not currently implemented:

19. a4j:status and richtabpanel issue    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to use a4j:status along with richpaneltab. I have 3 tabs. When I user a4j:status in only one of the tabs then it is working fine. However if I ...

20. Reduce JavaScript files needed for A4J JSF Richfaces    stackoverflow.com

I've been asked to suggest some performance improvements for a site that uses JSF/Richfaces/Seam/A4J. One thing I've noticed is that there seems to be a lot of JavaScript being downloaded for A4J. ...

21. Where has a4j:support to be embedded to be working?    stackoverflow.com

When I emebed a a4j:support tag inside a rich:panel tag, AJAX is working. When it's not embedded in it, AJAX it's not working. When I emebed a a4j:support tag inside a h:panel ...

22. a4j poll changes get parameters after request    stackoverflow.com

I've a problem with RF 4 a4j:poll and navigation with get parameters. This is for example index page:

       <f:viewParam name="p" value="#{bean.paramId}"/>
<rich:autocomplete value="#{bean.searchedName}" autocompleteList="#{bean.list}" mode="client" minChars="0" ...

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