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1. Execute backing bean action on load?

I would like to build a results page for a report export page. This results page must display the status of the export and offer the download of this export. The export ...

2. Actions are not working when modifying the facet of a custom datatable

My application is using JSF 1.2 and Richfaces 3.3.2. We have implemented our own datatable component, which is based on the Richfaces datatable component. One of the features of our datatable is to ...

3. `a4j:support` doesn't call action in Chrome https. (only)

Got this little segment of JSP code:

<h:commandLink value="#{msg.Submit_Button}">
    <a4j:support event="onclick" reRender="rerenderObject" 

4. Rich:tab action problem

In my sample one form of JSF application that contains tab panel and inside that having 3 tabs, each tab having different components like(input Text , output Text,etc), and parent page ...

5. JSF:-Problem with the DataType and Action Listener

I am facing a problem with the dataType component and ActionListener on adding two specific component... Code Snippet of JSF is:-

<h:outputLabel value="#{msg.org_SubscriberGroupId_1} " styleClass="intro" escape="false"/>
<h:outputLabel value="&nbsp;:&nbsp;" escape="false"/>
<h:inputText value="#{SubscriberServiceProfile.closedSubscriberGroupId1}" id="txtClosdGrup1" styleClass="textBox" label="#{msg.org_SubscriberGroupId_1}" /> ...

6. Richfaces poupPanel is shown before action execution

I have JSF 2.0 form that looks like this

<h:form id="formId">
       <a4j:commandButton action="#{bean.myAction}" value="foo"  oncomplete="#{rich:component('popup')}.show();" />
 <rich:popupPanel id="popup" modal="false" autosized="true"

7. RichFaces conditionally rendered tab actions problem

Hi there, I have a Richfaces tabpanel with tabs inside and the switchmode is set to client. Inside, I have a tab that is conditionally rendered, so that when a button is clicked outside the tabpanel (all interactions are via a4J AJAX), the new tab appears as a condition evaluates to true by a property set on the server using session ...

9. JSF tree component getting rendered before action method call (richfaces)

Hi, I have an issue with JSF rendering. I am using richfaces 3.3 and spring. I have a parent screen where we can select rows and then clieck on a a4j:command button. This in turn opens a modal panel and shows some detail. The modal panel has a data table which is rendered by using the binding attribute as the details ...