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1. h:inputText data cached

  1. Click "LINK1" --> modal popsup --> enter value in text-box --> click Submit/Process
  2. Click another link "update/cancel" --> same modal popsup --> I see the value in the text box (This ...

2. Caching issue while upgrading from JSF1.2 to JSF2.0

I have the following code in my project (JSF1.2, RF 3.3.3 SR1, GF 3.0.1)

// Following code in PhaseListener
public void beforePhase(PhaseEvent event) {
    if (event.getPhaseId() == PhaseId.RENDER_RESPONSE) {

3. How can I get the back-button to work with a JSF app with no-cache set?

This is a problem I inherited. We have a JSF/RichFaces/Seam app, which for security reasons has no-cache set. The problem comes when users hit the back-button, causing a repost ...