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1. RichFaces rich:columns and sorting

does anyone know how to properly enable sorting on a rich:dataTable with columns generated on the fly using rich:columns tag? Setting sortBy with an expression like #{row[column]} doesn't work for me. I'm ...

2. How can i change the unsorted icon for a rich:column?

Is there a way to change the default unsorted icon for a rich:column? I am aware that you can add sortIcon="/images/myPic.png", but i don't want to have to add that for every ...

3. Rich Extended DataTable column widths

I have issue with RichFaces extended dataTable If the columns are more say 20, instead of giving a horizontal scroll bar, the columns are getting compressed. I tried giving column width in %, ...

4. Dynamically generate pairs of columns with rich:columns

Is it possible to dynamically generate pairs of columns using RichFaces' rich:columns component? (Version 3.3.0) Ideally, I'd like to generate something resembling the following:

| Name |    1/2/09   ...

5. column width in rich:datatable

How to set the colum width for a rich:column inside a rich:datatable ? The width attribute is being ignored. See the following code:

<rich:column label="#{msg[result]}" width="150px">
<f:facet name="header">
    <h:outputText value="#{veryLongText}"/>
<h:outputText ...

6. How do I exclude the 'Please Select One' option in this rich data column?

I have a back-end method that ADDS the 'Please Select One' for another part of the application.

public List<SelectItem> getEcometryItemStatusCodes() {
    List<SelectItem> retVal = new ...

7. RichFaces ExtendedTableDataModel: sorting columns retrieves all rows

We use the ExtendedTableDataModel for paging. This is done to retrieve a set of results with Hibernate and load the next set when another page is requested. All works fine, but ...

8. Evaluating expression of Facelets components in Richfaces sort

I have some problem evaluating expression in a Facelets component defined in a .taglib.xml

gives me the value "#{sortBy}" instead of evaluating the value. My component (a simple column) is defined as:

9. Sorting datatable columns - data disappears

I have a jsp page which I'm using to display a datatable. If I look at the page in Google Chrome it displays fine, but If I click on the header ...

10. Richfaces Datatable - Sort specific column on load

Is it possible to sort a datatable by a specific column when it first loads? Or does it need to be done using the DAO? When I put on ORDER BY ...

11. Dynamic DataTable, Columns , Colomn 'Spans problem' [richfaces]

I'm a new developer in jsf1.2 & richfaces 3.3.3, i have a problem with my jsf page, when viewing a dynamic dataTable, i can't build the head with a group column, ...

12. Sortable columns in embedded rich:dataTable

I have a jsp page containing a rich:dataTable with some data regarding my clients.
In each row I have another rich:dataTable containing some commission rates for the current customer.
The code is something ...

13. Group visibility of rich:columns inside rich:datatable

I have a set of columns inside a rich:datatable, those columns are visible based on some preprocessed conditions. An example of what I want to do is this:

<rich:datatable value="tableList" var="list">


14. what is the difference between rich:column and rich:columns

Can anyone tell me the difference between rich:column and rich:columns?

15. width of column in rich:datatable

I am using JSF 1.2, in one of my web page i am using . I want to set column's width.

<rich:dataTable id="dt" border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
   <rich:column ...

16. rich:dataTable - with list jsf - put list into columns and rows

I would like to put list of objects into rich:dataTable, and put element in table with 5 rows and 3 columns

<rich:dataTable id="x" rows="5" columns="3" value="#{a.lst}" var="obj" columnsWidth="200px,200px,200px">
Is there anything like
there? ...

17. reRender a specific column of rich:dataTable

Is it possible to reRender only 1 specific column of rich:dataTable? I tried giving the column an id and reRender="columnId" but that just crashed the page. If so, how?

<f:facet name="header">

18. Default sort column in rich:datatable

I have rich:dataTable with multiple sortable columns.

<rich:column sortBy="#{user.uid}">
<rich:column sortBy="#{}">
Sorting works fine. However, when page is loaded, table is always sorted by 1st column. How can I set "default" sorting column? (for ...

19. Show/hide column in rich:extendedDataTable (RichFaces 4.x)

RichFaces' show/hide column feature for rich:extendedDataTable is not available any more for the version 4.x. Any ideas how to implement it in some other way? I tried to do it using JavaScript, with ...

20. Is there a JSF multi column dataTable?

I need to render a JSF Data Table in a different way: since I have a mid size list of a single column entity, I would like to split it in ...

21. Apply XSLT template to a column in JSF Datatable

I receive xml document from database and I want to display it in a datatable using JSF. I am using richfaces datatable. For example: This:


22. How to enable resizeable column for rich faces extendedDatatable?

For extendedDataTable in rich faces how we can resize the column width using mouse pointer. Does any body know about this issue?

24. how to show dynamic columns in

27. Rich:Columns

28. How to use comparator from rich:column

Hi , I am trying to implement sorting between two colums the behavior is something like when values from first column are equal then sort after second column. I was trying to do this using sortPriority but this affect GUI behavior when user clicks on a header column's if the priority is not the biggest one the sort is not done, ...

29. Dynamic Column in rich:dataTable ?

30. column width in rich:datatable