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1. Richfaces tooltip componentcontrol param

I have a table where each cell click opens a tooltip using the componentControl tag, this works. But I wanted to pas a parameter to the tooltip, which is different per ...

2. Set JSF backing bean variable when clicking componentControl and displaying contentMenu

I have a rich:componentControl which sets a parameter called applicationId and displays a rich:contextMenu:

<rich:componentControl event="onRowClick" for="ctxMenu" operation="show">
<f:param value="#{item[1].applicationId}" name="applicationId"/>
and here's the rich:contextMenu:
<rich:contextMenu id="ctxMenu" submitMode="ajax">        ...

3. Problem passing boolean value from rich:ComponentControl in order to render rich:menuItems

We have the following rich:ComponentControl:

<rich:componentControl event="onRowClick" for="ctxMenu" operation="show">
<f:param value="#{item.hasDocuments}" name="hasDocuments" />
The value of #{item.hasDocuments} is being successfully passed from the bean as either true or false. Here's the contextMenu which is supposed ...

4. rich:componentControl and setPropertyActionListener wont work together

<h:commandLink action="#" value="some value">
 <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{}" value="#{}"/>
 <rich:componentControl target="popup" operation="show" />
Anybody has idea why this composition wont work. To be precise property action listener does not do a job, and popup ...