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1. How to show two items in a single row in

enter image description here I have a list contains which contains expertise entities. I have to show this entities in a rich:dataGrid. The listing should be two entities in a ...

2. JSF 2.1 + RichFaces 4 - Paging dataGrid

I have List<Product> products in my backEnd Bean which contains about 70 items. I need to show it as 3 X 4 table with option to navigate between pages "next", "Previous" and ...

3. Not working h:commandLink (inside rich:dataGrid and h:panelGrid)

I have a problem with not working h:commandLink. Distinct: when I start my app - everythink is good, link is invoke at first time but when a rerender this part of ...

4. How to make a bean class for rich:dataGrid?

Good Day, I would like to use rich:dataGrid but don't know how to make the bean class for it. I've been in the richfaces4 live demo but there is no sample bean for the rich:dataGrid. I've also been searching the net but can't find one. Can somebody give me an example how to make one? Thanks in advance Binnie

5. problems with a commandLink inside a rich:datagrid

Hello, I'm trying to create a photobook using a rich:datagrid. I have some pictures and I want to show them in rows and columns. When the user clicks on an item, the site should show its details. Actually, I display all the items, but unfortunately I am not able to execute the action "showDetails" in the backing bean: