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1. Reference the oncomplete event by an external java script function    stackoverflow.com

I want to do some logic at the oncomplete attribute of the a4j:commandButton ,but my logic is too complicated , can I reference the code using a java script ...

2. JSF, Richfaces: How to run Javascript method each time rich:datatable (re)renders?    stackoverflow.com

I have a rich:datatable which may be reRendered my multiple components in my page. I want to run a Javascript method each time it is rendered, including the first time the page ...

3. richfaces how to detect mouse events    stackoverflow.com

sorry if the answer to this is obvious but I couldn't find it. How do I detect if the user has clicked, dragged etc. on an image (or other element)? Thanks in advance! ...

4. Richfaces custom components with actionlistener as input parameter    stackoverflow.com

With a custom component how can one make it take an MethodExpression as input parameter. The component XML is set up with:

    <property elonly="true">

5. Event are not called in richfaces    stackoverflow.com

(ps: sorry about my english) I have a text field in my application and for this textfield I have a a4j:support that should work on onchange event! So I have the same ...

6. Can't define a event and bind an on this event at the same time    stackoverflow.com

Let's consider this simple code:

<h:form id="myForm">
    <h:inputText id="myInput">
        <a4j:support event="onchange" actionListener="#{myBean.doSomething}"/>
this will generate the following HTML code:
<input ...

7. a4j:support event onkeyup not working with right click copy and paste    stackoverflow.com

I've tried looking for a list of all the possible events that can be used in the a4j:support event attribute. I cant find any reference that lists them, maybe somebody can ...

8. Custom trigger event using prototype js not finding current pasted values    stackoverflow.com

I'm having an issue with the version of prototype in Richfaces 3.3.3. The code I list below worked fine before upgrading Richfaces.

Event.observe('#{formName}:suggest', 'paste', this.handleMousePaste.bind(this));

        // ...

9. Validation Error: Value is required error for list selection event    stackoverflow.com


Use Ajax to fire an event to the web server when a list of items are selected. The element is a JSF rich:orderingList item.


The class that must receive the event:
public class ...

10. Java Server Faces keeps displaying old values after validation phase fails (ignoring actionListeners settings))    stackoverflow.com

I would like to ask some help in understanding a particular behaviour that JSF shows when Validation Phase fails. I'm using:

  • Tomcat 7.0.2
  • JSF 1.2_12
  • RichFaces 3.3.3
Problem description. I wrote a form with 4 input fields: an ...

11. Prevent onkeyup event when input field first gets focus    stackoverflow.com

I have a component I want called on each keyup event by the user. The problem is I do not want to call it when the user first tabs into the ...

12. How to call bean method from javascript function using a4j:ajax or a4j:actionListener?    stackoverflow.com

I am using JSF, richfaces 4 stuff and i want to call a bean method when javascript function trigger.

13. Changing the font of row on some event for rich:datatable    stackoverflow.com

i need to show some rows in datatable in italic font on particular event. Now i'm doing like that and it works:

    <rich:dataTable id="searchResultTable" , value="#{bean.elementsList}" var="list">

14. ActionListener not fired after adding a component    stackoverflow.com

My ActionListener is not getting fired once I add a specific component. Without it everything happens accordingly. Morever at times along with this component it gets fired and at times it ...

15. how to pass object from richface Datatable to actionlistener    stackoverflow.com

I am passing an object from richface datatable like:

value="Transfer inside Group" 

16. How to attach actionListener for events in Richfaces 4    stackoverflow.com

I have the follwoing code from Richfaces 3.3

<h:inputText id="transamount" value="#{myBean.amount}">
    <a4j:support event="onkeyup" ajaxSingle="true" actionListener="#{myBean.validTransAmt}" requestDelay="200" ignoreDupResponses="true" reRender="main,submitButton" />
I need to upgrade it to Richfaces 4 and am unsure ...

17. Show Richfaces Component on event selection    stackoverflow.com

I would like to know how could I retrieve my jsf component value, when an event is executed. For example consider this component:

<rich:select id="selectEmpresa" 

18. RichFaces 3.3: Calling actionListener on window.onload    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to call an ActionListener and rerender some parts of my page when the page has been loaded (window.onload). How can I do this?

I can't edit the body tag. I've ...

19. rich:calendar firing onchange event    community.jboss.org

Hmmmm it's a bit tricky. You'll have to enable manual input for the calendars, then add a valueChangeListener and add an a4j:ajax with inputchange event: