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I am developing a web app using JSF, RichFaces, EJB3, Hibernate and Seam. I have an extended data table and showing a list (say userList) which has multi columns in it. Moreover, ...

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I'm looking to implement the ExtendedDataTable component in Richfaces. When selecting the 'Group by' on a column, I would like to have a 'Select all' option displayed on each grouping row. This ...

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Please help. Have a look at http://richfaces-showcase.appspot.com/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=extendedDataTable&sample=exTableSelection&skin=blueSky You'll see nice "Cars marketplace" table with multiple selection support. You'll also notice that one of the selected rows appears in bold. What ...

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  1. Question: There is a empty row on the right side of the table. How can I remove/hide it?
  2. Question: How can I adjust the table width and hight in dependency to the content
  3. Question: How can ...

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I am using rich faces (rich:extendeddatatable) to show some records in a grid. The first column of each row contains a check box. I am keeping the list of records in ...

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I've found that the client-side dynamics for rich:extendedDataTable do not work for me in JSF 2 with either RF 3.3.3 or RF 4. Moving a column just causes the table to ...

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JSF 1.2 Richfaces 3.3.3 using Extended Data Table with okay button

    value="OK" reRender="nextPanel"
    styleClass="formButtonClass" ...

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I have an app with RichFaces 4.0.0.Final and JSF 2.0. When I try to use selection in extendedDataTable, it doesn`t work.


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When i try to drag the Header of this extendedDataTable in IE. The columns are not moving along with the Header. This issue can be seen in the attachment.

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Hi all I am facing with a wierd problem. I have a JSF page with a fixed width. I am trying to add two rich:extendedDataTable 's into a h:panelGrid with 2 columns and add it to a page . The page is rendering properly in Firefox (i.e scroll bar for the panelGrid and able to scroll horizontally to view both the ...

13. Trouble with jsf and     coderanch.com

15. rich:extendedDataTable user action after each row processing    coderanch.com

I don't follow you. Apparently you're mistaking a 2-dimensional tabular display for executable code. All a dataTable (extended or not) does, is render the data based on its underlying model. It does not necessarily execute a loop to do so and even when it does, it's an internal "black-box" process that you can't tie into. If you want the rows of ...