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1. How to stop page refresh when hit enter button from rich:inputNumberSpinner field?

I use rich:inputNumberSpinner tag. The problem is : I set cursor focus to inside of rich:inputNumberSpinner field, then i hit the enter button from ...

2. How do I avoid using nested forms in Richfaces 4 + How do I use a4j:push in Richfaces 4?

I'm using Richfaces 4 CR1 + JSF 2.0. And I have got two questions :

1) I know nesting is not allowed in JSF. It just isn't. Here's a use case ...

3. Back bean method not called while using single form for two h:selectonemenus and command button

my back bean method is not called when i execute the following code, hope i will get the solution.

 <rich:panel style="width: 750px" header="Manage Content">

 <h:outputText value="Select Division's Id : "/>

4. Unknown Tag(a4j:form and rich:panel)