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1. JSF 1.2 app not working with GlassFish v3

Migrating to GlassFish v3 / JDK6u18 / NB6.8 makes me a lot of headscratching, and I'm quite confused now. My project (JSF, RichFaces, Spring) works fine with GlassFish v2 + JDK6u17. ...

2. Error after adding Richfaces

I am running a webapp on a glassfish v3 server. I've just added richfaces to my application, but I get an error when i try running my project:

INFO: Initializing Mojarra 2.0.2 ...

3. How to submit values in a pop-up panel?

I have bean struggling to understand how to use the rich:popupPanel component in the right way. There are (at least not that I could find) few post about how to use ...

4. Need to submit forms twice to be processed (updated)?

recently I notice that all action for submitting forms need to be executed twice to actually submit the values. Before this worked fine when I hard coded the resulting action path ...

5. Error " contains an unknown id" when used to render

This is my form:

        <h:panelGrid columns="3" >
            <h:outputLabel for="name" ...

6. Glassfish and RichFaces