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1. RichFaces rich:panel header not appearing    stackoverflow.com

I specified this

        <f:facet name="header">

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I need to implement data table with vertical header orientation and header that's take not whole row, through one cell(like in image fifth row) Update: solution is to use <rich:column styleClass="rich-table-subheadercell"> ...

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I'm new to JSF and Richfaces... Our web application uses JSF 1.2 and Richfaces 3.1. We have a problem when the user does multiple click on the rich:datatable header to sort ...

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In the header column of <rich:extendedDataTable> I need to add two output texts in a single line as header label with different style class. How can I do this? I tried ...

5. How do i edit a Data Table-->columnGroup to have multiple column groups with complex header?    stackoverflow.com

This is a base sample with 3 rows of data displayed under 1 columnGroup heading and 3 column headings and then the 3 columns of data:

<rich:dataTable value="Some Table"> 

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