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1. Dynamically set max-height for rich:extendedDataTable    stackoverflow.com

I am having problems with the max-height in a rich:extendedDataTable using RichFaces 3.3.3 final. I would like the table to have a max height, and if the table doesn't fill this height ...

2. extendedDataTable - height doesn't work    stackoverflow.com

So, like the title says in my case height of the extendedDataTable doesn't work, so my table also doesn't scroll because all rows are shown. I'm using richfaces4.0-final version. So here ...

3. Width/Height in extendedDataTable in RichFaces    coderanch.com

I use RichFaces in my application. I want to use extendedDataTable. Why the width and height can not adjust on their own according to the columns and rows? If I don't assign value to width/height, there are assigned to default values. Is there any way to make the rows fit in the table by it self?