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1. Lost RichFaces skin when rendering through rich:panel and a4j:include

I have an h:selectOneMenu and an a4j:commandButton, the latter of which reRenders a component called content which looks like this:

<rich:panel id="content">
 <a4j:include viewId="#{MyBacking.viewId}" />
When the response is rendered and the component ...

2. a4j:included rich:dataTable negatively affects a4j:commandButton

Hello I have a JSF/RichFaces setup with an index.jsp which a4j:includes another piece of code which contains a rich:dataTable. It initially renders fine, and selecting an item on the index.jsp's dropDown list and ...

3. Nesting h:form tags in RichFaces a4j:included content

How is it possible to enclose ajax-related elements with h:form tags in a jsp file which I want to then a4j:include in another jsp file given the suggestion (EDIT ...

4. Richfaces a4j:include loading two pages?

I have this seemingly-innocent code on my main JSF page:

<a4j:outputPanel id="sidebarContainer">
     <a4j:include viewId="#{UserSession.currentSidebar}"/>
Here is how the sidebar changes:
  1. A jsFunction calls a backing-bean method which sets the page ...

5.  content doesn't get change

This is what i want to achieve. I have navigation panel on left and content panel on right. when user click links on left navigation panel , ajax calls made and ...

6. JSF(RichFaces)- ui:include doesn't work inside rich:tab

I use rich:tabPanel component of RichFaces lib.

    <rich:tab label="Tab1">
            <ui:include src="res.xhtml" />
ui:include doesn't ...

7. Include JS files based on current page

I have the following on my main jsf wrapper page:

  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/xhtml; charset=UTF-8"/>
    <ui:insert name="pageTitle" /> 

  <a4j:loadScript src="resource://jquery.js" />

8. Issue re-rendering a in Richfaces 4.0

I am using richfaces 4.0 final. I have a page where I am including another facelet using

<ui:include src="#{bean.selectedPage}" />
The String selectedPage is set on a button click. When button is ...

9. Including resources outside context root with JSF2

I'm currently upgrading an application from JSF 1.2 and Richfaces 3.3 to JSF 2 and Richfaces 4. I'm having issues getting my application to include stylesheets using JSF2's new h:outputStylesheet ...

10. What should be the scope of forms when using ui:include?

In a situation where a number of sub-pages will be included using ui:include where should the h:form tag go? The form should be in the parent (A.xhtml and B.xhtml)? A.xhtml excerpt


11. RichFaces Page Theme -- Include CSS file?

I'm toying with creating a custom RichFaces page theme per the instructions here. I've run the Maven commands and it creates my initial page template, along with a ...

12. Issue with FacesContext, RequestDispatcher.include(...)

I have page1.jsf with following code snippet:

<!Doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"><%@
taglib uri="" prefix="f"%><%@ taglib
uri="" prefix="h"%><%@ taglib
uri="" prefix="a4j"%><%@ taglib
uri="" prefix="rich"%>
  <title>RichFaces Sample</title>

13. How to reload

We included a page with ui:include. And when a button is clicked we want to rerender ui:included page too. Here is parent page;

<h:form id="mainForm">

14. Using EL to include dynamic values in CSS

I'm using JSF2 and Richfaces 4. I have the following .css file.

.cobrandURL {
    background-image: url("#{resource['testfolder/#{myBean.site1}:mrk_cobrand.jpg']}");
This is not working due to the '#{myBean.site1}' part, how can I correctly include the ...

15. richfaces tab and jsp:include problem