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1. h:inputText inside a4j:repeat

I have a List of strings in my object, and I was hoping to be able to edit them with an a4j:repeat. Below is my code:

<a4j:repeat value="#{Controller.object.stringList}"  var="item" >
<h:panelGrid columns="2">
<h:outputLabel value="ID:" ...

2. How to change the background color of a h:inputText control inside a rich:Panel

I need to change the background color of some <h:inputText> controls inside a rich panel based on a condition. This is to distinguish these controls as readonly. I tried using styleClass and ...

3. Seam: Trouble updating data in h:inputText in a row of rich:dataTable

I'm trying to build an editable table to enter values of a buy order detail. I have a rich:datatable bound to a List, and I dinamically add rows to the table ...

4.  enabled/disabled - change background color

can I change background color for disabled <h:inputText>? I've tried to do this way:

<h:inputText value="test" disabled="true" styleClass="input"/>
css contains:
input:disabled {background-color:blue;}
input:enabled {background-color:red;}
and result is: enter image description here reason, why I'm trying ...

8. Take input from in rich