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1. jsf messages: adding link

Currently in JSF, all HTML contained within a message (rich:messages tag) is escaped and just shows up as the markup. For example, in my backing bean, I have:

createMessage("Title created successfully ...

2. Does rich:messages tag need to be in an a4j:region?

The web app I'm working on sometimes has a <rich:messages> tag inside of an <a4j:region> tag, sometimes not. I'm guessing that the messages tag needs to be inside of an ...

3. How to display the appropriate message (info or warn) in s:decorate?

I am actually checking for availability of a login name and would like to show the info image or warn image with an appropriate message. Currently we get 2 error messages ...

4. How to clear h:message or rich:message value in JSF?

I am developing a JSF application and I have many user forms where I use JSF validations. I have an issue which annoys me, it will be easier to tell it with ...

5. Facelet was modified messages

I see this information in my jboss console, when my pages don't render properly. Does anyone know what this means?

14:22:46,403 INFO  [facelet] Facelet[/layout/header.xhtml] was modified @ 1
:54:54 PM, flushing component ...

6. No data found message inside h:dataTable or rich:dataTable?

How do i display a 'No Data Found' message inside a h:dataTable or a rich:dataTable. The header of the table should show the fields say Name, Roll Number and Class; The ...

7. Error messages in JSF and Richfaces

How can I display validation error messages in JSF and Richfaces in the form of an icon beside the field and a tooltip with the error message appears when the mouse ...

8. How to add a message to a specific component from java

I have an h:inputText and an h:message connected to it:

<h:inputText id="myText" value="#{myController.myText}" />
    <h:message for="myText" .../>
I want to send a message to it from java, in a manner ...

9. Pass parameters to messages from resource bundle to components other than **h:outputFormat**

Is there a convenient way to pass parameters to messages from resource bundle to components other than h:outputFormat? For instance, this is legal:

<h:outputFormat value="#{myBundle['parametricMessage']}">
    <f:param value="#{myBundle['someParameterValue']}"/>
But I need ...

10. JSF2, rich:graphValidator. How to output validation failure messages, that are generated by instance validation (not property validation)?

My managed bean contains composite properties, like this:

public class MyManagedBean {
   private BusinessObject obj;

public class BusinessObject {
   private Integer id;

11. Different CSS style for JSF messages

In JSF, I have included the following line in my xhtml file:

<h:panelGroup id="messageHeader">
   <h:messages for="messageHeader" layout="list" errorClass="error"  infoClass="inform"/>
The text gets rendered as
  <li class="error"> Please enter a ...

12. How keep updating message with RichFaces 4?

i'm new with RichFaces 4 and JSF 2, i'm working with both together. How do i keep some message updating all time using RichFaces ? E.g: a clock, where the server keep sending ...

13. Preserve JSF messages between AJAX calls

There is a JSF 1.2 page with <rich:messages> and <a4j:poll> components on it. When a message is placed in FacesContext it is only shown briefly, until the poll sends the next ...

14. Issue with displaying Error message in a page having two forms

I am developing one JSF page, in that i am having two forms. And I am using rich:messages in both the forms. Suppose, in the first form, if I ...

15. How to see in a Jar using JSF?

Using: JSF 1.2, Facelets 1.1.15, GateIn 3.1 GA, Richfaces 3.3.3 I have some common .xhtml and backing bean in a JAR that our portlets can see. I did this by overriding ResourceResolver ...

16. Displaying error message when exception thrown in JSF 2.0

I am working on JSF 2.0, Richfaces 4.0. I am having an requirement where I need to show error message when there is any backend exception occurs. We are ...

17. personalize rich message using jsf2 and richfaces4

Im working on a web application using JSF2 and RichFaces4. Im using rich:messages for one of my forms and I want to personalize the message. the default show me the id ...

18. How show error message with ViewException?

I've a different structure to show a message error...

<a4j:repeat var="dadoAdicional" value="#{home.instance.dadosAdicionais}" varStatus="loop" >
                <s:decorate template="layout/form.xhtml" >

19. Problem with h:message and richfaces

Hello, I noticed a strange problem occurring with my richfaces application. It is as follows: I have a contact form with "real-time" validation of each field. When a valid submission of the form occurs, the form is reRendered and strangely, the first field shows a validation passed status even though it is empty. Here is my jsp:

20. rich:messages collision

21. Avoid duplicates in RichFaces messages tag

Hi, I am using RichFaces and JSF 1.2. I have a data entry form with multiple required inputs. Each input has the required property set to true and has its own rich:message tag so that the user sees the message right next to the input on validation failure. I also have a rich:messages tag at the top of the form for ...

22. rich messages place holder

23. Richfaces 4.0 message