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1. Richfaced rendering takes longer time

Hi we are using various combination of data table and rich combobox and tab panel. the rendering is taking too long. is i did the performance tuning suggestions from stackoverflow and ...

2. How to hide some nodes in Richfaces Tree (do not render nodes by condition)?

I have a tree of categories and courses in my SEAM application. Courses may be active and inactive. I want to be able to show only active or all courses in ...

3. JSF -- Alternative to "rendered="?

We're developing a Java web app that utilizes JSF (Richfaces through Seam) for its UI. I've read several articles that indicate that using the "rendered=" attribute on UI components results ...

4. Why a4j:output doesn't re-render parent panels

I'm facing the following error: I have a selectOneRadio in one file that uses the a4:support to call something in the serverside. The problem is that I need to reRender a tab component ...

5. Home page to be rendered according to user type

I use the following code to redirect to my home page on login... now i want to go a step further and add a logic where it redirects to different page ...

6. Render blocks of page async with JSF + RichFaces

I want to render 6 blocks on a page asynchronously using richfaces a4j support. To accomplish this I have defined 6 a4j:region components and an a4j:commandLink for manual refreshing of the components. Here ...

7. Rendering Problem in IE8 with richFaces and JSF empty text node

I have a form of the following type:

<rich:dataList var="var" value="#{bean}" styleClass="styleClass"><h:form>
 <h:commandLink value="#{var.prop}" action="#{bean.action}">
      <a4j:actionparam name="var" value="#{}" assignTo="#{bea.sel}" />
Now, this is all fine in Firefox ...

8. Richfaces: rendered condition and bean with request scope

Why my jsf does can not execute a action doAction1,my action showPanel set showPanel = true???,

   <h1> JSF do not post a "execute doAction1"</h1>

9. Iterating the rendered data of a rich:dataTable

Hey, I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to access the actual rendered rows of a rich:dataTable so as to copy it's content into another destination (e.g. export to ...

10. javascript function on HtmlDataTable (richfaces) render

I'm using HtmlDataTable from richfaces and I need to call a javascript function everytime the grid is rendered (eg: pagination, sort by column, etc). Is it possible?

11. RichFaces Ajax (conditional) Rendering: HowTo?

Please look at the following Code Snippet:

    <h:panelGrid columns="2">
        <h:inputText value="#{}" />
        <a4j:commandButton action="#{vehicleBean.loadVehiclesByPin}" ...

12. RichFaces4 don't render the components

I try to run RichFaces4 app but the components don't render. For example when I try this demo: Demo I get something like this:

Here is an example of ...

13. Loading data after a JSF page has completed rendering

I'm using Richfaces 4 and Mojarra 2.0.4. So I'll be glad if the answer is specific to Richfaces 4 framework :) I understand that the JSF components are processed at the server ...

14. Component Rendering problem

I have writing the small application using jsf & richfaces 4.0.In that whenever user logs on & completes its session & when it clicks on the logout link then it cnnnot ...

15. IE9 + RichFaces Rendering problem

I have a web app which runs on JSF 2.0 + Richfaces 3.3.3. Looks great on all browsers except IE9. In IE9 without compatibility mode (With, no problem) it looks something like this ...

16. Partial rendering JSF components

dwelling over how to partial render (divs), by including different source files (with panels and components). Depending on menu actions. If understood the JSF phases correctly, the View is rebuilt ...

17. Add custom html attribute to be rendered for jsf2 component

<h:selectBooleanCheckbox />
will render a html checkbox. How do I add a custom attribute 'myAttribute' with value 6 to it so that the result will be:
<input type="checkbox" data-myAttribute="6" ... />

18. Seam conditional render without parsing

I'm trying to make a conditional render in my Seam application (2.2.0), to display two different controls depending on a condition. I'm using the s:fragment tag with the render attribute, but my ...

19. using greater than logical expression in rendered attribute

We are using richfaces for our UI design. I have an outputText field for which I write a condition in the rendered attribute. The condition is for comparing the length of ...

20. JSF .xcss styles not getting rendered

I'm using JSF2 and Richfaces 4. I've added the following to my web.xml:


I have an test.xcss file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<f:template xmlns:f="http:/"
   xmlns="" >

21. Jsf2 Richfaces render Question

I am using richfaces4 and i have a question about rerendering components. When i rerender my "link_panel" every row of the datatable will rerender its "link_panel". How can i change this ...

22. How to call a Javascript function on render in JSF 1.2/Richfaces 3.3?

We have an a4j:outputPanel that is ajaxRendered. Is there a way to call a javascript function each time it is (re)rendered? I know that we could put a call in every ...

23. Richfaces 4 components don't render

The problem I have is that jsf tags are not being parsed, so I'm not seeing richfaces components in my pages. I'm using richfaces 4, tomcat 7, and jsf 2.0 This ...

25. Switch rendering of a rich:panel

Hi, I want switch visibility of a rich panel using a button. Initially the panel is not visible. When I click the button nothing please !!! tks Luca This is the JSF code: This is the backing bean code ...

26. Ajax re-rendering with Richfaces a4j

I have a master detail that can be compiled many times with two buttons: one to save infos, and one to undo the operation and close the panel without save it. With the commandLink "Insert new" I show the panel and the two buttons setting the variables rendoquadro=true and rendopulsanti=true. ...

27. Can't render richfaces modal panel.