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1. selectBooleanCheckbox in a DataTable in ui:repeat

I'm having some problem using multiple selectBooleanCheckBox in multiple DataTables in ui:repeat. Something like this

<ui:repeat var="f" value="#{mybean.values}">
    <rich:dataTable value="#{f.values}" var="v">

2. Sending JSF parameters within Richfaces a4j:repeat

I'm attempting to put a few drop down menus inside of an a4j:repeat. The values for the second drop down are dependent on the value selected in the first. ...

3. Can my Facelets converter depend on a `ui:repeat` loop var?

The following doesn't work as I'd hoped:

    <ui:repeat var="i" value="#{fn:split('1,2,3,4', ',')}">

4. Rerendering show/hide trick with AJAX (JSF+richfaces) only work for first record in a4j:repeat

For a while now, I've been working on a JAVA-based web project, and have found this website to be very helpful on numerous occasions.
So, 'got some problems of my own now ...

5. JSF -- over a java.util.Set?

Does the <ui:repeat /> tag support iterating over a java.util.Set? I've tried iterating over my JPA domain entity objects contained in a Set, but receive errors. Is there something ...

6. jsf ui:repeat and using row value as an id

I have the following code

            <ui:repeat value="#{monitorForm.customerList}" var="custRow">

7. Finding n-th component nested in a4j:repeat tag in JSF tree

I have a problem with finding component in JSF tree. Suppose I have the following template:

<a4j:form id="someForm">
<a4j:outputPanel id="somePanel">
    <a4j:repeat id="people" value="#{bean.people}" rowKeyVar="_row" var="_data" stateVar="_state">

8. multiple h:forms in ui:repeat

I'm trying to have multiple h:forms on a page which are rendered with a ui:repeat component. If I have only one generated h:form, everything works perfect. If I have multiple h:forms, ...

9. repeated get() call in render response phase

I'm running a sample RichFaces application with a PhaseListener. I put a print statement into the backing bean's only get() method and I noticed that the get() method is called ...

10. ui:repeat with action does not work

  • 11. a4j:commandLink not working inside a4j:repeat