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1. Not able to Use log4j with Richfaces

Hi , I am trying to configure log4j for my application which i am developing in Richfaces. I am getting the following errors once i start the tomcat 6.0.18 log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.ajax4jsf.application.DebugLifecycleFactory). log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. I have put the log4j.jar in lib directory under WEB-INF and the in WEB-INF/classes folder. ...

2. Migration from woodstock to richfaces

Since, Sun and/or Netbeans have officially announced their tie up with Richfaces, I am reconsidering going further with woodstock components for additional JSF development. First, woodstock components are way less capable of providing a rich user experience similar to richfaces, not to mention a4j. Second visual web development framework sucks for complex web apps having custom components and other third party ...

3. Acegi + RichFaces help needed

4. cant get projects to work with richfaces library

I just downloaded richfaces and got everything set up. I tried to do the "greeter" sample application they walk through with you but I cannot get it to work! I am getting absolutely no compile warnings or errors. I have added richfaces as a component library to eclipse. I create an index page, and modify the web.xml and faces-config file per ...

6. How do I define what a "right click" will do on my website (eclipse, jsf and richfaces)

Right-click behavior is controlled by JavaScript in the client. Some of the RichFaces controls have defined right-click behaviors (such as right-click menus), some do not. The ones that do simply generate the necessary JavaScript code for you automatically. It really depends on whether or not the control you're planning to define has built-in right-click support or not. If not, you may ...

7. RichFaces Exception in JSF app

9. Queues in RichFaces

I think I have managed to totally fail to understand queuing in RichFaces. I am seeing duplicate calls to the server, a good example is when displaying a suggestion box. I assumed that this was caused by two AJAX requests being sent, so I added a no-name queue to my form. ...

10. RichFaces TabPanle problem

12. RichFaces phases manipulation

Hi for you all ranchers, I have to question about richfaces: 1 - i want a centrlized location some where in the Richfaces life cycle where i can read the compoenent tree, and set some properties for these compoenet like setting some of them visible and others invisible, or may be enable and disable some fields. can i implements aphase listner ...

14. [Richfaces] Object expected errors happen in IE8 with https

hi guys, My website is working fine in ie6 ie7 FF3.5, and it's also working fine in ie8 if use http. However, if i turn on https protocol, i got a bunch of object expected erros in ie8. I tried turn on/off compatibility and also tried ie7 mode, but had no luck. Here is a segment of my code first ...

16. Richfaces - filterexpression - need help

Hello I am trying to use filterexpression in a rich:datatable. The RichFaces documentation gives a sample using a JSTL function ( ). This requires another field to be defined that contains the filter expression. What I want is to use the default filter mechanism given by RichFaces, but have a custom filter ; e.g: ...

18. SOLVED: prevent a page from redrawing in JSF/RichFaces

I'm still not 100% on JSF/RichFaces and I'm having to debug someone else's code... They have a "Jurisdiction Finder" that works pretty well. It lives in a rich faces modalPanel -- the modalPanel has a form that conducts some searching, and then on "OK", the window closes, and passes its value to the form on the main page section. The trouble ...

19. ADF vs. RichFaces? What Would You Chose?

Don't be misled by version numbers. ADF Faces is a great suite of components. For me though, it's a little too tightly tied in to the whole ADF framework. RichFaces is another great suite of components. (YAGCS?) Some might find it too closely bound to the JBoss stack. If I had to choose between only these two, I would choose RichFaces. ...

21. How to stop Richfaces replace <> with < and >

I want to show a hyperlinks in Richface datatable. Say for simplicity all my links are: Click Here Now let's say table is defined like following: What should be the content of rec.text? In other words what must ...

23. Using JAWR with Richfaces

Hi, This is not an issue but just a discussion topic. my application extensively uses richfaces 3.3.2 CR1. Every page comes gzip compressed in Firefox. However, I noticed that there are approx 12-15 js files that come from the server during every page load. Is there any way i can combine them so that there are lesser no. of HTTP requests ...

24. Richfaces tutorials

25. richfaces issue

26. Still getting Exception on configuring richfaces

Hello All, I have set my application exactly like Anandram.V. But I am still getting an exception. I am using Netbeans 6.7.1 IDE with jboss-4.2.3.GA. My liberaries include richfaces-api-3.3.2.SR1.jar richfaces-impl-3.3.2.SR1.jar richfaces-ui-3.3.2.SR1.jar commons-logging-1.0.4.jar commons-digester.jar commons-beanutils.jar commons-collections-3.2.1.jar The only jar file which I am missing is common-annotations.jar which I cannot fine on net. The exception thrown is attached

27. swf + richfaces NoSuchMethodError

28. JSF, Richfaces components

29. Problem configuring richfaces

Hi, Does anyone know how to resolve this error, I'm trying to configure richfaces with Eclipse but having bit of hard time. Can anyone help please. Thanks SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class com.sun.faces.application.WebappLifecycleListener java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/faces/FacesException at com.sun.faces.application.WebappLifecycleListener.( at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.listenerStart( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.start( ...

30. richfaces Process Bar (progress bar)

31. Richfaces 3.1.5/3.1.6 with WAS 7.0

32. Problem with RichFaces

33. rich faces pick list with valueChangeListener attribute ( not working)

Hi All, I am developing a form in which am using a rich pick list , the problem which i am facing is that when the user selects a lot of elements or all the elements in the pick list ( something like 400 elements) and copy them (coping those elements will take some few seconds ) and then save the ...

34. Richfaces is not defined

35. JSF 2.0 and Richfaces

36. How to use RichFaces in "normal" JSF

37. Any good book for RichFaces

38. strange problem with richfaces

39. Rich Faces

40. JSF + AJAX + RichFaces

Hi , I am facing a error while trying to implement ajax functionality in my JSF page . Please look into my code and help me out My Jsf Page : ...

41. JSF2.0 and RichFaces

Hi All, sorry to ask the question. I'm new to JSF2.0 and I'm currently trying to develop a website using JSF2.0/facelets. I wanted to create a modal dialog box using JSF2.0 but could not find a solution. I found that RichFaces had examples that I could use. Is it offen common practice to mix RichFaces with JSF2.0 ???. Mat

43. Richfaces skins

46. JSF + RichFaces: pragmatic or unsafe?

It is scary, yes. However, it's not magic. What's actually happening is that you're accessing the property through an runtime interpreted language instead of a compiled language, so you have forfeited the benefits of compile-time checking. The actual fetch/store of the named property is being done via dynamic access of the backing bean using the BeanUtils library (or something compatible). In ...

48. reading value of a key in a property file using richfaces

hi i have a property file as below zzzzzz_a=some text1 zzzzzz_b=some text2 zzzzzz_c=some text3 zzzzzz_d=some text4 Now i have in a loop. i have static key part zzzzzz_ to this i have to append a,b,c and d and supply it to value attribute. how this can be done ,i mean i want syntax?

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50. Richfaces/jsf project debuggin

51. Richfaces: problem with facesconfig

52. Skinning issue in Richfaces 4 and JSF 2

53. Problem with RichFaces and Ireport

54. Richfaces

The 2 primary aids are the RichFaces Live Demo site and the downloadable PDF guide to RichFaces. They both suffer from having been written by someone whose native language is not English, so they can be a little hard to comprehend sometimes, but they do provide good documentation. I especially recommend reading through at least the first part of the PDF ...

55. richfaces integration issue

57. Deploiment with richfaces

58. javaURLContextRoot.lookup called many times by JSF/Richfaces. CPU Usage is 100%.

We are using HP Diagnostics to see which methods is called how many times. Thats showed us the lookup being called so many times. And its around 20000 times for 300 users just doing a simple search after loggin in. Our company enforces us to make sure CPU is not crossing a defined limit. Not sure whats the limit but it ...

59. Richfaces and jsf 2.1.2

61. Excel number of rows limit for Richfaces

Hello folks!!! I've been running into a problem whose solution is not apparent, and Google searches have been useless so far. The Richfaces component allows us to upload files from the client machine to the server. A couple of settings may be set through its attributes such as "maxFilesQuantity", "listHeight", "acceptedTypes", etc. The size per file is something defined in ...

62. How to browse a folder in richfaces

Welcome to the JavaRanch, Gangadhar! WEB servers are not FILE servers. So you cannot simply browse them as though they were directories full of files. It would be a serious security issue, in fact, if you could. The "browse" functions that appservers such as Apache HTTPD offer are special features. Likewise, webapps aren't allowed to browse files on the client's computer, ...

63. Is anyone using RichFaces 4?

64. JSF2 Ajax VS RichFaces 4 Ajax

RichFaces Ajax was created before JSF2 was released. In fact, originally, it was a separate product in its own right (a4j). RichFaces Ajax has 2 benefits and 1 liability. The benefits: Works on older JSF systems (1.2 and 1.1). Simple to use. The liability: Requires RichFaces as an addition to the webapp. As opposed to JSF2's own AJAX, which is built ...

65. A problem with JSF + Richfaces