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1. JSF / JBoss Seam how-to: splitting one List over several ListBoxes (h:selectManyListbox)

I'm using these classes:

ShoppingCart   <-ManyToMany->   Item   <-ManyToOne->  ItemCategory
All of them are JPA @Entitys with relevant getters and setters for relations:

Shopping cart:

public class ShoppingCart {

2. jsf 1.2 add items dynamicaly in selectManyListbox

i am trying to add items to a list using jsf 1.2 , and richfaces 3.3 this is the .jsp

<h:inputText value="#{}" id="to"></h:inputText>
<rich:suggestionbox for="to" var="stud"  
suggestionAction="#{studentsBean.sugestStudents}" > 
<h:outputText value="#{stud.acadmicNumber}"/>
<h:outputText value="#{stud.fullName}"/>

<a4j:commandButton actionListener="#{studentsBean.addToList}" ...

3. jsf 1.2 Facelets & Richfaces 3.3 - Double clicks on a selectManyListbox

I have one scenario where I have selectManyListbox and on double clicking should call the bean method and load the next page based on the from-outcome value from that method. FYI, ...