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1. IE 6 issue for rich:simpleTogglePanel

I use rich:simpleTogglePanel. Inside togglepanel i use panelGrid with two coloumns. First time i see the page in IE6, second column halfcontent(rightside end) not visible... If the screen resolution is greater than 1024 ...

2. Placing a converted value inside a rich:simpleTogglePanel label

I'm in a situation where I need to place a date value inside a rich:simpleTogglePanel label. The problem is I need to converter the date prior to displaying it, ...

3. Changing the rich:simpleTogglePanel header style

Is it possible to change the header style of a rich:simpleTogglePanel ?? The font of the header is always "bold" and I want it to be normal. I tried with the style ...

4. rich:simpleTogglePanel neither calls action nor actionListener

I've implemented the following rich:simpleTogglePanel

No matter which switchType I set - ...