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1. Why does a subTable break a4j:commandLink's reRender?

Here is a minimal rich:dataTable example with an a4j:commandLink inside. When clicked, it sends an AJAX request to my bean and reRenders the dataTable.

<rich:dataTable id="dataTable" value="#{carManager.all}" var="item">

2. Richfaces: rich:datatable rowspan using rich:subtable

I use Richfaces, Seam and JSF, and I want something like the following: alt text and I have managed it to a degree using a rich:subtable like this:

<f:facet name="header">

3. Expand/Collapse Subtable in Datatable

Is it possible to expand/collapse a subtable in a datatable? My subtable contains info relating to the row above it and I would like to show/hide onclick of an image. Just ...

4. richfaces datatable and subtable

I have the following datable:

<rich:dataTable id="grid1" value="#{monitorForm.customerList}" var="custRow">
 <rich:column width="5">
  <h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{custRow.selected}">
   <a:support event="onclick" action="#{monitorForm.selectOrderLines(custRow)}" 

 <rich:subTable id="custTable_#{}"

5. how to sort rich:subtable externaly?

I have a datatable with 3 different subtables.I want to sort the datatable based on header. code:

        <rich:subTable ...

6. Get parent index of rich:subTable

In my application I use a rich:subTable inside a rich:dataTable. I want to get the index of the rich:subTable inside the rich:dataTable when I click on a row of the rich:subTable. ...

7. For-each loop in rich:subTable

Is it possible to use a forEach loop in the subTable component or columns, in Richfaces 3.3? I need to render dynamic number of columns, but without success. Example: