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1. How to use RichFaces a4j:commandButton not using submit

I have an a4j:commandButton which looks like this

    <a4j:commandButton id="stopBtn" type="button" reRender="lastOp"
  action="#{MyBacking.stop}" value="Stop" />
When the app is deployed, and the button clicked, the stop() method ...

2. Hiding an a4j:outputPanel and showing it on submit a4j command button

From now on, I have this :

<a4j:commandButton  action="#{ChoixContratBean.Submit1}" reRender="suite" value="valider"  > </a4j:commandButton>

    <a4j:outputPanel display="none" id="suite">

3. webpage expired when back button pressed on JSF(Richfaces) submit

My title maybe confusing so please read on. I'm using the following technologies if you may. Spring, Hibernate, JSF (RichFaces), MySQL, Internet Explorer. I have a List of items which is displayed ...

4. JSF/RichFaces: ReRendering a tree outside of the form tht was submitted

I have two forms on a page. One form, on the left, is a tree and the other form, on the right, is a detail form that changes its content based ...

5. ReRendering with a4j:commandButton

Does the nesting of elements and multiple forms affect the capabilities of rerendering with a a4j:commandButton? i have something like:

    <h:form id="1">

6. rich:hotKey for Form Submission?

I've got a login form that looks something like this, using RichFaces and Seam:

<h:form id="loginForm">
   <h:outputLabel value="Username" />
   <h:inputText value="#{identity.credentials.username}" />
   <h:outputLabel value="Password" />

7. JSF + richfaces problems after submit

I need to make a search page for some project. Input fields are:

<h:inputText styleClass="field35" value="#{}"></h:inputText>
<h:inputText maxlength="20" styleClass="field35" value="#{searchBean.destination}"></h:inputText>
<rich:calendar  datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy" value="#{searchBean.startDate}"></rich:calendar>
<rich:calendar  datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy" value="#{searchBean.endDate}"></rich:calendar>
and after I press:
<h:commandButton id="cb41" action="#{searchBean.processForm}" value="Search" styleClass="button" />
I ...

8. How to submit a form using a javascript function in JSF w/ Richfaces, w/o the form name or id?

How would I go about submitting a form in Richfaces without the form name or id from javascript? I was thinking I might be able to use the jsFunction tag, but ...

9. Disable submit button to prevent double click, but only upon successful form validation

Currently my page has a submit button which is disabled when it is clicked, to prevent double submission.

<tr:commandButton onclick="this.disabled=true;" />
However, if there are errors in the form, the user will not ...

11. rich modal window submission