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1. JSF and richfaces: h:commandlink in richfaces table not working properly

When using h:commandlink(or commandbutton) inside a rich:dataTable, the action specified is never invoked, neither is the corresponding managed bean instantiated(whether it is at request or session scope)... instead, the same request is ...

2. Refresh table on render

I have a rich:extendedDataTable inside a rich:tab. I want to refresh the table dataSource everytime that the table is rendered. It is rendered everytime that the tab is selected. In a nut: View:

<rich:extendedDataTable ...

3. is there a tab control in RichFaces or JSF that doesn't render ugly nested tables?

The RichFaces 3.3.3 tabPanel control that I'm currently using renders 4 level nested tables. Is there any other tab control to render clean HTML or atleast allow me to control it? ...

4. JSF Richfaces datatable bound to backing bean object will not show table schema changes

PROBLEM: I have a HtmlDataTable bound to a datatable object in my backing bean. All the table columns are added in the backing bean's buildTable() method. When the table ...

5. Hierarchical data table for JSF2 and RichFaces

I'm using RichFaces on my JSF2 application, and I need a way to have something like a tree-column or tree-table. As far as I know, there's no support for such thing in ...

6. JSF RichFaces:a4jSkin.tableBackgroundColor behaviour for zebra table


<rich:dataTable id="files" styleClass="table" headerClass="header"
value="#{file}" var="fileRecord" rendered="#{file.rowCount>0}"
rowClasses="even,odd" onRowMouseOver="'#F1F1F1'"
have zebra styled table with white and gray colored rows
1. mouse hover on row,it's hovered ok
2. mouse out and it becomes white postcondition: table lost its "zebraness" It's ...

7. validating dynamic textbox2 based on entered value in textbox1 in rich table

I am creating components dynamically using rich:dataTable and the components in each row are checkbox, text1, text2. I am able to create/delete rows. I added validators for text1 and text2. I ...

8. Problems sorting a richfaces datatable

I'm trying to get my richfaces datatable to have sortable headers. I've basically followed the code here: My headers have links, and when I click them, you can see ...

9. JSF2: how to move items up and down on a on RF4?

On a page, I have the following table:

<rich:panel id="batchPanel">
    <table border="1" class="dr-table rich-table" width="100%">
        <a4j:repeat value="#{assemblyMB.batchLDM}" var="batch" rowKeyVar="row">

10. jsf table repeats itself

another weird jsf problem. my code looks something like this: Java Bean:

class Bean {
  private ArrayList<OutageTableHeader> outageTableHeaderData;

  public ArrayList<OutageTableHeader> getOutageTableHeaderData() {
    return outageTableHeaderData;


11. Expand functionality for rows in Richfaces DataTable

I am looking for a way to implement a expand functionality to the rows of a Richfaces DataTable. The user would click a "+" link located in the first column (of ...

12. ordering table in faces/richfaces with ajax

Picture this: i have a richfaces 4 table whose rows have two input fields: name (string) and order (integer). Whenever the user changes the order value for some row, the table must ...

13. Ajax-render a table which is inside a different form

I am facing a problem rendering a data table when selecting a date from <rich:calendar>. I use <a4j:ajax> for the rendering but with no effect. Here is the code sample:

<!DOCTYPE html ...

14. Row Index in RichFaces Data Table

15. row selected index id (rich data table)

16. richfaces data table width

17. Rich Faces Extended Table

18. Simple expandable table with RichFaces