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1. Dynamically set vertical offset position rich:toolTip

How does one dynamically set the verticle or horizontal offset position for a rich:toolTip? I have this:

<h:graphicImage id="resourceTipTarget" value="/myDir/target.png" onmouseover="updatePageY();" \>

<rich:toolTip id="resourceToolTip" direction="bottom-left" styleClass="hover-tip" 
mode="ajax" for="resourceTipTarget" layout="block" verticalOffset="#{myBean.screenY}">
Which SHOULD be ...

2. ToolTip direction error

I am migrating from RF 3.3.1 to 4.0. I'm experiencing an issue with the tooltip component. Specifying "bottom-left" for the direction attribute results in the following error:

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6. Any solution for h:graphicImage using rich:toolTip

In the page, there is a rich:datalist, loop this datalist, each row has a h:graphicImage component, when user move mouse over this image, show a rich:toolTip. Following code works fine: error message As you know, h:graphicImage can't have a dynamic id, so in datalist, I can't give each h:graphicImage a unique ...

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11. I need to show a modal panel from rich:tooltip

Welcome to the JavaRanch, Nataran! If you use the "Code" button in the forum message editor to wrap code tags around your sample XML, it won't get messed up. Tooltips are designed to be short messages that display when you hover a mouse over them and go away when you move the mouse somewhere else. Bringing up a dialog is a ...