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1. How to use RichFaces4.0 with JSF2.0? How to configure View Handler for RichFaces4.0?

I am using a simple example program using RichFaces 4.0 but unfortunately I am not able to configure the view handler for Richfaces 4.0. I have following libraries in my WEB-INF folder commons-beanutils-1.7.0.jar commons-collections-3.2.jar commons-digester-1.8.jar commons-logging-1.0.4.jar cssparser-0.9.5.jar guava-r08.jar jsf-api-2.0.4-b09.jar jsf-impl-2.0.4-b09.jar jstl-1.2.jar richfaces-components-api- richfaces-components-ui- richfaces-core-api- richfaces-core-impl- sac-1.3.jar my ...

2. Why is ~facelets.VIEW_STATE~ showing within my form

I have a rich panel that contains a form. This form is posted with javascript. What happens is that when doing the post the form rerenders but with ~facelets.VIEW_STATE~ at the ...

3. How to refresh JSF view (Richfaces)

I have two JSF pages, index.xhtml [index] and main.xhtml [main]. On index, I have a dropDown, and when I select and submit, the app navigates to main after interacting with ...

4. Using a4j:support to update the model and view, ready for the next button/submit action

The Problem

We have a swing based front end for an enterprise application and now are implementing a (for now simpler) JSF/Seam/Richfaces front end for it. Some of the pages include fields that, ...

5. ajax and view scope problem jsf2 with richfaces components

I am trying to upload and show an image just as in this Richfaces' example.
The upload part works just fine, but I am having some problems with the ...

6. JSF viewscope values not getting displayed in the view properly

I have a managed bean under ViewScope. It has an instance variable inside it. MetaData object has a inputItem object List.

public class ConBean implements Serializable {

     private MetaData ...

7. error in loading the dynamic tree view

I have a rich tree component that I use to load the document of my system. I use a post construct init method to load the initial tree and I ...

8. Richfaces 4 + Particular Rendered View: JScipt / CSS is not registered

Hello Stackoverflow Community, i got the following problem with partial view rendering on my JSF 2 + Richfaces application. Given the following simplified JSF 2 Site:


<ui:fragment rendered="#{bean.state eq 1}">
<!--Render Some Regular HTML Stuff, ...

9. View scope for a bean used inside the page

I have a main page with buttons. On click of these buttons respective pages are loaded.

<a4j:outputPanel rendered="#{ == '/page1.xhtml'}">
   <ui:include src="/page1.xhtml" />
<a4j:outputPanel rendered="#{ == '/page2.xhtml'}">
   <ui:include ...

10. Reducing JSF Memory Footprint: Relationship between View State and Bean Scope

I am working on a RichFaces-based JSF application that has com.sun.faces.numberOfViewsInSession and com.sun.faces.numberOfLogicalViews parameters set to 1 but has most of the managed beans set to a "session" scope. If reducing ...

11. JSF/Facelets: how to create a sub view in a template that defaults to something when not explicitly set?

I have a page template:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rich:page xmlns=""

  <f:facet name="header">
    <ui:include src="/templating/subviews/header.xhtml" />

12. JSF view getting rebuild on each ajax request

I'm having a performance problem with my JSF/RichFaces/Facelets ajax requests and from what I can tell its because the entire component tree is being rebuild on each ajax request. This ...

13. How to debug an af:tree ( renderer ?

Hi everybody, I got a problem with a JSFF page. I'm trying to show a tree on my fragment page, but it never appear. Jedvelopper 11g does not detect any errors. I think the problem occurs during the rendering of the tree, but I don't know where I can find the source code. Do you know where I can find ...