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1. How to compile facelets?    stackoverflow.com

Many times I had errors like: -tag is not closed(xml error) -xhtml has duplicated id Id like to write validator to check is those errors exist in files. I bet there is some facelets ...

2. In JSF what is the shortest way to output List as comma separated list of "name" properties of SomeObj    stackoverflow.com

I have a question about outputing a list of objects as a comma separated list in JSF. Let's say:

public class SomeObj {
  private String name;
  ... constructors, getters and setters ...

3. Faces config ConfigurationException happens randomly    stackoverflow.com

I get the following error sometime on re-deployment of the application (its not consistent though). Does anyone know why this would happen?

10:08:44,703 INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/abc
10:08:44,886 INFO  [config] Initializing ...

4. Is there any difference between ui:fragment and s:fragment?    stackoverflow.com

What's the difference between <ui:fragment> and <s:fragment> ? I use these two tag libraries interchangeably for conditional rendering (using the rendered attribute although I can't find any documentation that states "rendered" ...

5. Seam and JSF: How to post multiple values instead of single    stackoverflow.com

We have this ui:repeat:

<ui:repeat value="#{notAssigned}" var="pair">
   <s:button value="assign" action="#{mypage.assign}">
        <f:param name="taskId" value="#{pair.task.id}"/>
Now I can assign one ...

6. Extend Seam's RememberMe by additional Fields    stackoverflow.com

I am wondering what's the easiest way to extend Seam's RememberMe functionality by other fields, without overriding the whole class. Let's say I have a Login form with 3 Fields: username, ...

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8. [to Author]what is your opinion about Facelets and Seam Frameworks    coderanch.com

Thank you Chris Schalk for being here. as you know Facelets and Seam are two major frameworks that shine in JSF area. Fcelest as a view echnology specefically for JSF and Seam as a context framework based on JSF and EJB3. we already have a JSR (jsr229) about web beans that will move some part of seam into a JSR. Also ...