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1. How to integrate PayPal in JSF application

I have to integrate Paypal with JSF/Seam. Is there any good tutorial out there.

2. Pros and cons of integrating ZK with JBoss Seam and not using JSF?

Please could someone tell me why it is better to use ZK with JBoss Seam instead of using JSF with JBoss Seam. What are the advantages and disadvantages.

3. Integrate JSF and Seam into a website

However, we want to integrate an existing Seam/RichFaces application that allows our customers to log in and to do some interactions. So the website is going to have two parts, a presentational part mainly consisting of static html and an interactive part, a Seam powered web application. These two parts should be integrated seamlessly, for example the Login box should appear ...

4. Integrating jasper with JSF