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1. Trimming inputs in JBoss Seam    stackoverflow.com

I am making a web application using JBoss Seam 2.2.0, and I want to trim my inputs before receiving them, even before the Hibernate Bean Validation phase. Is this ...

2. Seam2.2.0GA facesMessages.addFromResourceBundle() doesn't work with JBoss5.1.0GA    stackoverflow.com

It seems a bug of Seam2.2.0GA or I missed something, here is the senario: use seam-gen generated the dummy project, change the AuthenticatorBean.java in the hot folder: add:

@In FacesMessages facesMessages;

public boolean authenticate() {
also ...

3. Where is JBoss Seam most popular    stackoverflow.com

I have been using JBoss Seam now for over a year and still haven't seen much acceptance here in the US. My metrics are, the number of jobs that indicate ...

4. Can the SEAM authenticator reside in the ear file lib folder?    stackoverflow.com

For a couple of reaons we have a project-commons.jar located in the lib directory of our ear.

Currently if I annotate a ...

5. How to authenticate users by their role declarative?    stackoverflow.com

How can Seam be configured to use different security-constraints for different web-resource-collections? In web.xml I included a sections like


6. faces-config strange configuration problem?    stackoverflow.com

I have a seam project (you should not be blocked to answer just because it's seam, consider it beeing a jsf one) and all works great with jboss 5.1 until I ...

7. Seam does not capture the ViewExpiredException    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the JSF 1.2 + Seam 2.2.1 and JBossAS 4.0.4. I have the following entry in the file pages.xml:

    <redirect view-id="/facelets/error.xhtml"/>
But if I ...

8. Why is my seam app only deploying partially?    stackoverflow.com

I have a seam app that my colleague created. It is maven-based. I'm trying to get make it work in eclipse which is baffling in itself, but I managed to ...

9. Picky on Getter/Setter name? JSF/Jboss Seam    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a JBoss seam application (JSF 1.1 and MyFaces Tomahawk) which runs on tomcat 5.0.28. What is bugging me is that at times when i create a variable and the ...

10. Using CDI in JSF, Weld or Solder    stackoverflow.com

Hmm I starting with a jsf webapplication, will be using CDI, but am a bit confused between Weld & Solder, or is it that Solder used Weld under the hood. Also was ...

11. seam 2.2 on JSF 2?    community.jboss.org

Since I'm going to use a library requiring JSF2, I've included the Mojarra JSF2 implementation in my SEAM app (running on JBOSS AS 5.1), as described on this site: http://aaron.ajexperience.com/2010/10/11/jboss-5-with-jsf-2-on-a-per-app-basis/. I ...

13. Seam 2.2.1CR2 \ JSF 2 \ JBoss 6.0M5    seamframework.org

14. Upgrade JBoss 5.1 AS to JSF2    seamframework.org

I've done this way with JBoss 5.1 (using Seam 2.2.1.CR1) and got this error when loading page: Tag Library supports namespace: http://java.sun.com/jsf/html, but no tag was defined for name: headI know there is a in JSF 2 and the tag is in the .xhtml. Am I wrong? Maybe a facelet problem? ...

15. JSF + JBoss Seam [will appreciate any feedback]    coderanch.com

Hi Ranchers, What do you think about prospects of using JBoss Seam in an enterpise application?ONJava Article on JBoss Seam I mean the merits & demerits of adhereing to a particular vendor [JBoss ] I'm thinking of a web application with following architecture: 1> AJAX + JSF based presentation Layer 2> POJO's for components[ EJB's not mandatory...simply b'coz no DB transactions ...

16. jboss seam and js    coderanch.com