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1. Use message bundle in Java class with Seam

I want to use my message bundle ( in a Java class with seam. In a jsf file, all work fine like this:

But in my Java class, I tried to do this:
statusMessages.addToControlFromResourceBundle("refArbor", ...

2. How do I check if an has been set in JSF?

I have the following two files (JSF 1.2) to build a form:

<!-- segment of form.xhtml -->
<s:decorate template="edit.xhtml">
    <h:inputText label="First Name" id="firstName" required="true" value="#{contactBean.firstName}">

7. Seam : How to display messages from MessageDrivenBean in view ?

Hi, in order to get to know Seam and especially JMS I wanted to write a little chat-web-app where 2 chatters can communicate with each other. (I am a blooy beginner in J2EE in general). Therefore 2 MDBs shall pull and put the messages in 2 different queues. For the example I have only 1 sender, 1 queue, 1 receiver, 1 ...