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1. parameter value lost (seam framework)

After clicking on an image, the user is redirected to a new page like:

with the code:
<s:link title="#{messages['palermo.userlist.view']}" view="/portal/custom/palermo/administration/viewPalermoUser.xhtml"

2. Redirect to external website with post parameters in JBoss Seam?

I have to integrate the Moneybooker Payment Service to an existing Seam Application. Regarding to the documentation, I have to pass parameters to moneybookers via POST. My question is, how to pass ...

3. Unwanted parameters in URL after s:link and f:param

Here is the code (Seam 2, JSF 1.2)

<s:link style="color: white;" value="Full Listing "
    rendered="#{not listControl.fullList}"
    action="#{listControl.setFullList(true)}" >
    <f:param name="maxResults" value="" />