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1. How to redirect a Java ResponseWriter?

For debug reasons, I want to see the ouput of my ResponseWriter directly in standard output. Because the response will be processed by JavaScript I am not able to see the ...

2. Redirect/Forward from a servlet with PrettyFaces

i am using PrettyFaces 3.3.0 and i want to make custom redirect and forward from a servlet i found the following code on their documentation:

public class CustomRedirector 
    public void ...

7. Help - Problems with redirect in servlet filter in my JSF web app

In an attempt to validate a valueID BEFORE a specific web page is rendered I am trying to create a servlet filter for validation purposes. The issue that I am running into is that the page cannot be forwarded within my application. I am running this web app locally and so I'm sure my configuration somewhere is wrong. Any help/direction would ...

8. JSF redirect to servlet problem