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1. invalidate a session from EL

How can I invalidate a session using EL?

2. session.invalidate() doesn't actually clears JSF session scoped values

I am seeing a similar issue as mentioned in this question - how do i invalidate a session in jsf. I have a session scoped LoginBean, which have an action logout ...

3. session invalidate in JSF2.0

I'm using JSF2.0 with jsp.I'm trying to incorporate session invalidation in my project.I've tried using the following code.

<h:commandButton value="Logout" action="#{bean.logout}" </h:commandButton>
and my bean class contains the following method
   public ...

4. how to invalidate session in jsf 2.0 if browser get closed without being invalidating the current session.

if i close my browser without invalidating the session then i don't want it to access my application without being log-in again. and don't want my user to get assess to the ...

5. jsf session management session.invalidate()

Hi guys, I have the following problem: my Web application (NB 6.5.1, woodstock components) uses the following session management code: I adapted the code, to use it also for the ...

7. Invalidating session