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1. JSF - making some of words Bold

How can we go about making some of the words in a sentence appear in BOLD for example - I'm trying to put one of the words of a sentence in ...

2. How to add a html bold in the jsf tags

I defined below property in property file.

<b>Profile 1:</b> <br> Only the market(s) selected above
I set this in bean profile1
<h:outputText style="font-size:12px;" value="#{bean.profile1}" />
But result is
<b>Profile 1:</b> <br> Only the market(s) selected ...

3. How to add a html bold and break
in the jsf tags

In Property file

msg_profile = <b> profile1: </b> <br> Set profile
I have given bold and break html tags between Profile1 and Set profile in above property. Bean
private List<SelectItem> profiles;
this.profiles.add(new SelectItem(new Integer(0), MessageFactory.getString(context, "msg_profile")));
xhtml ...