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1. ui:calendar tag rendering issue

hi I'm new to this JSF world, please bear with me if I'm asking some silly thing i'm using UI tags for my application and I have a scenario that I need ...

2. Grouping tag in JSF not rendering anything?

Is there any tag in JSF which can be used to assign some id to group of child tags, but not rendering any content? Something like this:

<h:unknowntag id="group">
  <h:inputText id="name" ...

3. JSF2: Tags not rendered but the usual "fixes" doesn't cut it

My problem is similar to: JSF tags not rendered, JSf tags not being rendered and also JSF tags not being rendered as HTML no suggestion there helped me. Basically the ...

4. Rendering JSF with XSL tags

6. Custom tag does not render.

7. custom tag to render html elements

8. Using charAt with rendered tag

Hi, with rendered attribute, if i am using a String variable i get a list of operations that can be performed on strings, can any one help me out how to use them. Eg: I get a list of operations similar to charAt - concat, empty, contains so on. I want to use charAt and compare ...