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1. How do i hide the f:selectItem tag under h:selectOneRadio

For <f:selectItem> there is no rendered attribute. How can I hide a particular <f:selectItem> under <h:selectOneRadio>?

<h:selectOneRadio id="radio1" styleClass="selectOneRadio" value="#{}" rendered="#{}">
    <f:selectItem itemValue="ALL" itemLabel="#{ONE}" />

2. while using SelectItems tag, I am getting IllegalArgumentException

two problems: 1.) your setter for select items is never actually getting called. You could probably fix the problem by calling that setter in your constructor. 2.) you are binding the value of f:selectItems to plList, but your getter is for options. You can either change the getter to getPlList, or you can change the value binding to selectItemsBean.options Hope this ...