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I'm trying to find a practical unit testing framework for JSF. I know about JSFUnit, but this is very impractical to me. I need to include about 10 JARs to my ...

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I would like to add a unit test to test the style class gets set correctly. Unfortunately the getter getStyleClass requires a FacesContext. Any ideas?

3. JSF Testing for Enum equality    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to test for enum equality in JSF? i.e.

<h:outputText value="text" rendered="#{myBean.enum==BeanEnum.enum1}"/>

4. How to test EL expressions correctness statically?    stackoverflow.com

On our web-application, we did some refactoring on the Java beans, and due to this refactoring, some actions / getters are not available anymore. For example, in the following example:

public class ...

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I am trying to add some unit tests to a JSF application. This application didnt rely heavily on any best practices, so many service methods use the FacesContext to pull data ...

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We have a JSF 2.0 project with heavy use of AJAX (provided by OpenFaces tag library). Our project is very cool and does many useful things, and we love it. However ...

7. How can I automate tests to check correctness of a JSF application?    stackoverflow.com

I wanted to know ways of checking my jsf application in terms of functioning and performance. Kindly guide.

8. Choosing a test framework for a JSF based webapp    stackoverflow.com

I am confused between the following test framework/tools:

  1. JUnit
  2. Shale
  3. FitNesse
I need a test framework which is lean and generic in a way that the test cases can be re-used later by any other ...

9. How do I mock a JSF FacesContext with a ViewMap for Unit Tests outside an actual web application?    stackoverflow.com

EDIT: Cleaned up the question for readability. Please ignore comments up to October 31st. In our application stack we work with many smaller jar modules that get combined into a final web ...

10. Unit Testing highly interdependent code    stackoverflow.com

So I have some challenging code I would like to refactor. The challenge is that it depends on Database queries, EJB and Java serverFaces. Not simultaneously but close to ...

11. Is the ID generated by JSF guaranteed to be the same across different versions and implementations?    stackoverflow.com

We are about to write a full set of tests for one of our JSF applications using Selenium. So far, it seems that there are two preferred approaches to uniquely identify each ...

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Hello. I'm trying to test my application with JMeter, I use JSF and the page has a command Link like this . I record the test plan with a Proxy, the problem is when I execute the test, against call the method guardarValorActual it call the CatalogoBean's contructor. Can someone post a step by step tutorial about test ...

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23. Can anyone help me in shale frmework for writing JSF test cases?    coderanch.com

I am new to shale Test framework. Can someone help me to write test cases for the UI. I searched but was not able to find any good references. Somehow i gathered some data and was able to understand just the basics of the framework. I am writing there all the code i tried. I know the purpose of the functions ...

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26. I need a sample project regarding JSF UNIT testing    coderanch.com

Unit testing refers to testing components of an application as an individual unit. Typically in Java, this means creating a parallel class for each class which has testable features. So for example, "UserProfileBean" might have a JUnit test class named "UserProfileBeanTest". JUnit is one of the most common unit-testing frameworks, but there are others as well. There's some excellent documentation, tutorials ...

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