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1. JSF simple example on Tomcat works, but weird problem on GlassFish

I have a simple JSF application, a search form and results table, and a search button that calls a managed bean called SearchHandler.doSearch to populate the results. (I'm using Eclipse ...

2. GlassFish or Tomcat

4. JSF 2.0.1 does NOT work in both Tomcat and GlassFishv3 (fails in GlassFish)

We have a Maven war project that includes the 2.0.1-b02 impl/api jars into our war file.... we deploy our war to both Tomcat and GlassFish (we are evaluating moving to GlassFish v3 Preview). I added the following to my sun-web.xml file (to have GlassFish use the version of JSF I have in my war file):