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1. Serve JSF from database

is it possible to load jsf 2 page from database, not from xhtml file? Eg., the request comes for /faces/foo.xhtml, FacesServet intercepts request and VieHanlder creates view foo.xhtml by loading foo.xhtml from ...

2. JSF: How to write to database?

I'm a beginner to JSF, and I can't seem to get this right. I'm trying to take a user input in a form and insert it into a database when the ...

3. How to create dynamic menu using database and JSF

I want to create dynamic menu from Database it's mean i have Catagory is main menu and some catagory such as Books, CDs, Managzine . . . and Sub- Category is child of ...

4. Need help making MyBatis work with a terrible database design

So i'm working on a project (JSF2, Spring3 Core, MVC, Webflow, MyBatis3, RichFaces, and a legacy Oracle 10g). The source of all of my trouble's has to do with the ...

5. JSF Application creating too many DB connections

I've built a (relatively)simple JSF application using a MYSQL 5.1 db and Tomcat 7. Things are working in the sense that nothing blows up, but there is a curiosity... Using the MySQL ...

6. JSF Best practice to load collection from DB

I want to show collection(loaded from DB) in data iteration component(lets say dataTable(<h:dataTable value="#{TableBean.someList}" var="item"...)). What is the best way to load the collection: 1) To load it somewhere before the ...

7. How to fill a selectManyListbox from a database

I would like to know how I can fill a h:selectManyListbox from a database, i.e. not with static options.

8. How to read an input file in jsf and send the value to database

I am using Jdeveloper 11g where in a jsf page i have used input file component to select a file(text file) and then to read its data and send it to ...

9. add user entered data to database using jsf

As I'm new to JSF framework, wanted to know how to add the user entered data to the database. More clearly, i'm using jsf with jsp, my jsp contains some input fields ...

10. retrieve data from database using jsf

following is my code my bean enter code here

import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import javax.faces.bean.ManagedBean;
import javax.faces.bean.SessionScoped;
import java.util.*;
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;
import java.sql.*;

 * @author utilisateur
public class Beansearch extends HttpServlet {

11. retrieve data from database into textboxes using jsf and to edit that data

I do not know how to edit the data which is brought from database using jsf.could you please help me by providing examples and i would be very grateful to you.. Thank ...

12. How to prepopulate a from a DB?

I am creating a web application, where you have to read a set of values from a DB and populate it in a JSF <h:selectOneMenu>. I am unable to code this. ...

13. Java:Want to Create Report from DB information

I want to create various reports from the information which is stored in DB.Generally my requirement is to generate statistics report for the Administrator... I also want to fetch some data and ...

14. Avoiding redundant DB queries in JSF and conditionally rendering a ui:repeat

I am using JSF and Hibernate in my application. Say I have a user account, whose questions I want to display using <ui:repeat>, in a <ul> unordered list. I don't want ...

15. How to present a list of categories stored in database in JSF correctly

I am making an application where I am going to register questions. Each question has a relationship with one or more categories so I need a way in the register question ...

18. AJAX -XMLHTTP-Database connection

19. JFS converter backed with a database

20. JSF and database transactions

22. Populating tables from the database

23. Rendering database loaded pojo the first time.

Originally posted by Chase Bonham: I need JSF to render a database loaded pojo as opposed to constructing a blank one. I have a pojo and my JSP looks like this. FirstName: I want to load a Person pojo from database and display the firstName as opposed to creating a new Person ...

24. inputText values don't get updated to database

Hi! I am working with Jboss, myfaces and hibernate. I have a weird new problem. It seemed to work earlier and I can't find the problem. JSF: I have a inputText fields and selectOneMenus inside a form witch updates values to database with entity endpoint. Fields get their disabled value from endpointEdit bean when entering to a page and from javascript ...

25. Showing database rows as columns

26. JSF web DB

Dear all, i need to build a jsf page to be mirror(synchronized with table in DB).so when i press F5=refresh,it will get to me up to date data from this table. i dont want dao,or controller. just one page has a query and show the table. Is that possible?if yes how can i made the jsf knows how to use the ...

27. selectOneMenu from database

30. jsf and database connection problem

First of all, a warning: NEVER use MS-Access, MS-Foxpro or the jdbc/ODBC bridge for real-world webapps. It's OK for playing around, but the two databases in question aren't capable of handling multi-user workloads and you'll end up with corrupted databases in short order. There's no special magic in doing database access using JSF. The only real trick is that if you ...

32. How do I connect to database

33. writing data into sql database

35. retrieve data from database

Hi, I have a very simple JSF application with hibernate. I get values from the user through the above said application and used hibernate mapping files to save data into database and it works fine till that. In the initial set up, I have a drop down list which I had configured through faces-config.xml file as key and value of a ...

36. Need to scroll database table.

37. retrieve image from database

39. Using Visual Web JavaServerFaces to display db data in a table

Name: The name of this question is: carbon_copy [icode] Hello and Thank you in advance for any assistance. [/icode] Purpose: The purpose of this code is create a desktop app and web app. The web app has the destop apps library. Create a web page to display the content table (please find splashbookdb.sql attached). Question: My question concerning this code is ...

40. Creating a MySQL table and Entity from Database.

/* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package; import; import javax.persistence.Basic; import javax.persistence.Column; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; import javax.persistence.GenerationType; import javax.persistence.Id; import javax.persistence.NamedQueries; import javax.persistence.NamedQuery; import javax.persistence.Table; /** * * @author depot */ @Entity @Table(name = "content") @NamedQueries({@NamedQuery(name = "Content.findAll", query = "SELECT c FROM Content c"), ...

42. Access database in phase listener using persistence unit

hi all, i wanted to know that can i inject persistenceunit in phase listener of jsf. i am able to inject it in managed bean using annotation as managed bean supports annotation is it phase listeners does not support annotation i want to access database in phase listener before restore view phase can any own give me some idea. thankyou brajen ...

43. jsf navigation and database connection

45. opening an xls file from the database in jsf

I am writing a jsf application in which when the user selects a file it is pulled from the database. I want to be able to open the xls file in swing or in the browser. I need an example to do that. They need to be able to edit and save the xls file. Thanks, Sonia

48. saving to database

49. database addition to input values

50. display values from database

52. How to define webserver and DB hardwares for JSF

Unfortunately not. It depends on whether the transactions are equally spread throughout the day or have "peak" and "off" times, how long it takes that best- and worst-case times to execute the transactions, and other things, including whose webapp server you'll be running. Obviously that many transactions per day indicates a lot of activity, so you'll almost certainly want a clustered ...

53. Retrieving data from database

Hi, in your situation I would convert the text to hexadecimal when writting to the db, and from hex to text when reading. This way you will avoid all this problems. You will easily find examples for hexadecimal text conversion in the internet. Instead, you could select the datatype BINARY or analogue, for the affected column in your database schema. I ...

55. How to Dynamically query the Database and display it

Hi JavaRanchers, I am using the visual web editor in NetBeans 6.5 with Tomcat 6 and MySQL. I need to put a search page so that the user can enter a query for the database based on multiple fields among the tables and it will display the correct results (dynamically) in a table format. I only know how to do this ...

57. Database Schema Updates

This isn't JSF specific, incidentally. If you're going to dynamically modify the schema from within a webapp, probably the best way to do it is to have a servlet that runs the mods in its init() method and setup web.xml so that that servlet runs first, before any other servlets. That way no one will attempt to access the database while ...

58. unable to connect project to database

61. JSF database interaction

Nothing really jumps out at me. Can you indicate which line the nullpointerexception occurs on? Incidentally, there's a "Code" button on the message editor that can be used to wrap special tags around formatted data such as Java source code or XML. It keeps the message display from messing up your indentation.

62. How to edit database table in jsf

64. fill selectOneMenu from database

65. Need help !!!! Facing problem with display of data fetched from Database

Hi , I am fetching data from database which is in the format 0007256231<3spaces>004 but when I display it on screen it is modified to 0007256231<1space>004 why it is happening I am not ableto get. I am using backing bean as public class PolicySearchBean extends ClientCommonBean { // Search criteria private PolicySearchDto criteria; // Criteria - state private SelectItem[] states; ...

67. retrieve data from database using jsf

68. values from users show null when entered into database

Hi i am using mySQL with jsf i have a problem when i hit submit button after filling out form the database fill with null values instead of values that i enter in form... here is my managedBean private String dob; public String getDob() { return dob; } public void setDob(String dob) { this.dob = dob; } here is my Sql ...

69. database value in backingBean

You cannot (usually) make an EJB/JPB Domain Model Object be a JSF backing bean because - while it's technically possible - they operate in different ways. More often you'd use a backing bean as a container that fetches (and updates) the actual EJB, which you can present as a property of the backing bean. Note that attempting to load objects from ...

71. Recommended structure of database-backed JSF app.

I'm learning how to put together a web application using JSF 2.0, Spring and hibernate. I've done a lot of reading on various sites on the 'right' way to do it, and I think I've got the right idea, but I just want to check that I've understood it correctly. (Of course this is more about the structure rather than any ...