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I'm working on a project programmed in jsf, but no persistence layer, the queries are plain jdbc in beans. At apllication start the jdbc connection is instantiated and if the user ...

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Following bean's database related code is working in simple Java application but when i use it within JSF page it is giving Java null pointer exception error. Thanks in advance. Bean class:-

import java.io.Serializable;
import ...

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Hello please help me with this: I need know as manage connection in jsf. I use JSF 1.1 and use JDBC. My project has a structure MVC. My connection is gets from a Datasource. Question 1: Should ...

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I have a JSF page where I have input fields and values are being saved to database. I would like to do insert and update. What is the best approach to differentiate ...

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I have a managed bean with view scope. The problem is that when I run the web application I have the following error:

GRAVE: Error Rendering View[/login.xhtml]
java.io.NotSerializableException: org.postgresql.jdbc4.Jdbc4Connection
    at ...

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The documentation for the ui:repeat tag in JSF 2.0 says you can iterate over a ResultSet but my code:

<ui:repeat value="#{bean.resultSet}" var="row" varStatus="status">
produces this error:
javax.faces.FacesException: Iteration start index is ...

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I have 3 jsf pages, first one for inserting data,username&password,then see if the data does exist in the database, after that navigate will play a role of redirecting to either welcome ...

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Hi I was doing some program My objective is to create a table in database with 5 fields . I have created buttons and corresponding text fields now i want those buttons to perform . I am not getting any idea to move forward . Please guide me I have copy pasted the program below If there is any mistake or ...

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Hello, Sorry for crossposting, but I didn't know how to remove this topic from JSF forum. In my JSF application I add some data to the table: String s = (String) textField1.getText(); try { RowKey rk = wpisyDataProvider.appendRow(); myTableDataProvider.setCursorRow(rk); myTableDataProvider.setValue("MYTABLE.NAME", s); myTableDataProvider.commitChanges(); textField1.setText(""); } catch(Exception e) { error("Insert problem: " + e.getMessage()); } as long as the table doesn't contain AutoIncrement ...

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