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1. to develop JSF webpages in jdeveloper11g

I am new to JSF using JDeveloper 11g, I need to create an UI using it which will have a user creation form and on submitting the data will be stored ...

2. How to insert and view images from oracle using jsf

Can anyone please give me some code example or link of article explaining that how can i insert and view images to/from oracle using jsf? Thanks in advance.

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4. Oracle connection through a JSF ManageBean

Hi to all: Since I have to connect to a diferent database for some selects onlyI'm trying to use a simple JSF Manage Bean it doesnt work. I create a smilar class out of netbeans and it connects with no problem but i did the same in the bean and I got the following erro message: GRAVE: java.sql.SQLException: Excepcin de E/S: ...

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